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Do You Know All The Costs Of Driveway Paving?

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By on Jun 24, 2014
Do You Know All The Costs Of Driveway Paving?

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Much like anything valuable in the home, you can’t appreciate a paved driveway unless it’s taken away. But once you have it, it’s hard to imagine a life without paved asphalt, concrete or driveway pavers.

Both paved driveways and driveway pavers can add a genuine look to any home, but that enhanced exterior look comes with a price. As we indicated in our paved driveway cost estimator, the average price to pave a driveway, which can be pavers or not, is between $3,500 and $7,000.

Below, I will share all the costs associated with paved driveways and driveway pavers.

Paved Driveways

Paving a driveway can be done using multiple materials or designs and the two most common options are asphalt and concrete. Asphalt driveways are typically black and have an average lifespan of 20 years. They cost as little as $2.50/sf. Concrete, while much more durable and lighter in color, can cost closer to $5/sf.

With installation, labor and materials included, the average cost of paving a driveway is between $3,500 and $6,500. Some of the factors that influence this total are the quality of the installers, the materials themselves, the geographic location of the property, the size of the driveway and the accessibility of the area.

Paving Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Paving Costs

We rarely encourage homeowners to shy away from a DIY project, but adding asphalt paving is a project that needs to be done by a professional. If you want to do it right, asphalt paving requires great care during all stages, from preparing the ground to smoothing the finished surface.

The average cost of an asphalt paving project is $3,702 (based off 1,400 projects). The final cost of the project will depend on the square footage that needs to be paved, whether or not permits are required and whether any obstructions like trees need to be removed before the project can begin. Additionally, if there has never been a driveway or parking lot in the desired location, preparation of the ground will add to the cost and timeline of the project.

Future Costs

Asphalt takes about a year to completely cure. In the meantime, it may need special care in order to preserve its integrity. Every five years after it's installed, asphalt will need to be resealed. The average cost of resealing is $311.

Concrete Paving Costs

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In general, homeowners who go with a concrete driveway can expect similar costs to those with asphalt.

In order to lay the concrete, the land needs to be prepped. The average layman can accomplish this project, but beware, as it will take a lot of time and energy to complete. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to save some cash in this popular home remodeling project, than DIY is the way to go.

As our concrete delivery cost estimator indicates, most homeowners pay at least $25/sf. As a standard delivery charge, expect to pay at least $200, in addition to the cost of a contractor to properly distribute the materials.

On top of materials, delivery, installation, labor, permits and other costs mentioned above, paved driveways made of concrete might also include drainage to prevent runoff.

Paved Driveway

Future Costs

Concrete has a unique advantage over asphalt. The only major expense you will have to worry about it is professional cleaning, which can run just over $200. Concrete can crack, but given its durable nature, homeowners shouldn’t consider this repair in their costs analysis.


Many homeowners use pavers in place of asphalt or concrete paving. Most homeowners find that the cost of the job is relatively inexpensive when compared to other similar jobs.

Cost of Driveway Pavers

As indicated in our driveway pavers cost guide, the price does vary based on the material chosen. In general, the average material costs are:

  • Concrete Pavers: $3-$10/sf
  • Brick Pavers: $5-$10/sf
  • Natural Stone Pavers: $6-$50/sf

Brick Pavers

Other Driveway Paver Costs

Obviously, there are other costs that factor into paver projects.

First off, homeowners need to get an accurate estimate before work begins. The contractor, if you hire one, should come directly to the house. The slope of the ground, the grading of the driveway and the location of drains can all increase the length of the job. Contractors will also charge more for curved or circular driveways and driveways with a unique design. Showing the contractor the home will result in a better and more accurate estimate.

Labor Costs

An average 1,000sf driveway can cost $2,500 or more of labor, which adds an additional $2.50/sf to the overall cost of the driveway. This assumes that the contractor completes the job within five days with a crew up to five men. If the homeowners hire a better crew or the job requires more workers, the labor costs can easily climb above $3,000.

Future Costs

Though strong, some pavers can break or chip after several years of constant use and require replacement. Finding replacement brick that matches the original is sometimes difficult. Natural stone isn't nearly as durable as brick or concrete, and natural stone can cost up to $50/sf depending on the type of stone picked. 


Like any home improvement project, paving a driveway and driveway pavers bring hidden costs many homeowners do not consider. Before jumping in headfirst, be sure to do your research and get numerous quotes from local contractors.

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