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Dorm Room Organization Tips

By on Aug 30, 2017
 Dorm Room Organization Tips

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Whether it’s your first year at college or your last, organization is a skill you can always use and improve on. A dorm is exciting because it’s often the first time some students get some space of their own and are able to choose what style is best for them. Of course, they’ll have to find some agreed upon items with their roommate.

In most cases, dorm rooms are very small. It’s enough space for students to sleep and complete schoolwork. Dorm room organization can impact the way you use and function in the space so you can be successful this school year. Here are a few dorm room organization ideas that can help you!

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Keys To An Organized Dorm Room

Keys To Dorm Room Organization

Moving to college can be a big transition, especially if it’s your first time away from the home you grew up in. Therefore, your goal should be to make your dorm as comfortable as possible. This will help you be successful academically and ward off any new-school jitters. However, dorm rooms are typically smaller in size, meaning you must be smart about the organization decisions you make. Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you get ready for the big move:

  • Create a list of items you’re bringing
  • Have designated spaces for items
  • Use all space available
  • Create additional space when you can
  • Form habits to help you stay organized throughout the year

Create A Designated Space

Create A Designated Space For Everything

Often, you won't be able to see the exact layout of your dorm room until you arrive. Before you begin unpacking, take a look around your room and get an idea of where you can place “stations” around your room. Of course, there will be a desk for you to set up your work area and a closet to hang your clothes. But you can use a surface to designate a coffee station or kitchenette. Or, create an area where you’re able to store your cleaning supplies. When you’ve developed this plan, start unpacking in this area.

Raise Your Bed

If you don’t have a bunk bed or if you don’t plan on lofting your bed, raising your bed is a great way to add additional storage to your room. Most home goods stores sell flat plastic containers where you can store seasonal clothes and other items you may not reach for as often, under your bed.

Use Cubbies and Crates For Storage

Utilize Wall Space

While your décor is important, utilize any wall space you might have for storage. Non-permanent hooks are a great way to hang smaller items such as scarves, hats or towels. Hanging files can add storage for more than just paperwork. This can be an easy way to store hair care items and more.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Maximize Your Closet

It's likely your dorm closet space will be minimal, but that shouldn’t stop you from maximizing your closet storage. One of my favorite storage hacks is using pop top tabs on your hanger hooks and then adding another hanger to it. You’ve now created double the amount of storage without spending any extra money!

Don't forget to use the space your closet door provides. Over-the-door shoe holders and cubbies can provide additional closet storage without taking up much room.

Use Storage Containers & Stackable Cubbies

Storage containers and cubbies can be lifesavers and you truly can’t ever have too many. Get various sizes and arrange them throughout the room. Small, slim containers can fit at the bottom of a closet or under cabinetry. For additional surface space and more storage, stackable cubbies can create additional spots for items to go without hanging anything. It’s great for shoes, books and even little items you may want to display.

Label Everything

Mid-year, it may be more difficult to abide by your organization habits with finals on your mind. Labels can truly be a lifesaver when it comes to dorm room organization. It lets you know exactly what to put where without even thinking about it. Label baskets, containers and shelves when you move in so you’ll always have a place for everything.

Have Fun With Your Dorm

Create A System For Your Workspace

The reason you’re moving into a dorm is for school, so your workspace should be your number one priority when it comes to organization. Keep it free from distracting clutter by creating organizational systems that keep papers filed and easy to access. Organize your drawer of school supplies with holders for each item. This will always ensure that a pen is there when you need it.

Finally, use colored tape around your cords to easily identify what cord goes to what. With so many chargers you’ll need, this will help to keep the space organized and easy to locate what’s needed.

Have Fun!

When it comes to your new space, don’t forget to have fun and decorate it to reflect your personality. Choose storage items in your favorite colors and shapes. A rug can really help to make your dorm warm and cozy. Hanging lights are a great way to add avoid any harsh fluorescent lighting as you work.


Your dorm room is all about you. It will give you the tools you need to succeed in this upcoming school year as well as feel at home in your new space. Use these organization tips to help you as you move into your dorm and keep it functional all year long.

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