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Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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By Katie Carlson on Jul 14, 2016
Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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If you’re lucky enough that space permits, two sink areas provide great convenience and personal space in shared bathrooms. This way you can both be at the sink doing your thing without having to take turns. Busy lives, large families, tight quarters and individual preference all play a role in whether a double vanity is right for you and your home.

Once you determine you’d like to install a double vanity, you should start researching design options and reviewing examples. See an array of bathroom vanities with double the space, double the storage and double the style to help you determine the best fit for your house.

One Sink for Two

One Sink for Two

One option is to consider installing a single sink that’s wide enough for two people. It’s unique, modern and visually appealing. A single basin with two separate faucets has one drain and is cheaper to install than putting in two separate sinks. I love this idea because it’s unique, intimate and you have your own faucet, but only have to deal with cleaning one drain and sink.

One Sink

One sink allows couples to have access to more storage too. You’ll have more room underneath your cabinets because there’ll only be one drainpipe taking up space. It’s important you consider how much counter space you desire before installing a design with one sink. Chances are one large sink is going to eat in to some of the real estate that would otherwise be used as additional counter space.

Pair of Vanities

A Pair of Vanities

A pair of vanities is certainly a charming option for any couple. Two freestanding vanities gives you plenty of personal counter space and room to spread out. Their mobility allows you flexibility with where you can place them around the room and the option to switch it up at any time.

It also puts each person in charge of maintaining their own area and provides individual storage cabinets for personal items. There’s nothing cuter than a couple in love ending their day over a pair of stylish bathroom vanities. 

Compact Vanity

Cozy & Compact

You don’t have to have a giant bathroom to make a double vanity work. There are creative designs and solutions out there for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Filling a tight space will require you to look for narrow and vertical vanity designs and install tall mirrors. This will help you fit it all in your smaller bathroom without it looking crammed.

Size really doesn’t matter as much as your décor does. Create an elegant and warm bath by using an inviting color scheme and stylish features. Even though it may be close quarters, the room will be cozy and you’ll have your own sink. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?


Embrace Contrast

Bold contrast is a great design style for anyone who likes to make a statement with their interior design. Contrasting materials, colors and shapes look gorgeous when they all come together into one cohesive layout. Don’t be afraid to focus in on specific items and colors that can deliver a wow-factor. You can even use your décor, such as flowers or towels to draw in more contrasting features.

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For example, instead of an all-white or neutral bathroom, those who are going for contrast can install countertops or cabinets in opposing and distinct colors and finishes. Bold contrast is also a great option if you want to incorporate wood into your design. Wood looks nice against almost any colors and the material will provide the contrast you’re going after.

Tall Cabinets

Vertical Storage

Building vertical storage units is a smart way to design a bathroom that’s short on square footage or has high ceilings. I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t want the added benefit of having more storage cabinets in their bath. Tall cabinets not only look nice, but give you the chance to do something different with the vertical units, such as installing glass-front cabinets or cabinet lighting.



Many homeowners like a contemporary style vanity because it takes up less space and has clean lines. Modern vanities are much less ornate than a more traditional style, which is appealing to those who like less fuss. This design allows you to go a little outside of the box when selecting your mirrors, sink and faucet hardware. Your cabinets and cabinet hardware should also have distinct cuts and contemporary style features.

Wood Vanity

Another popular contemporary look is mixing dark woods with bronze and earth tones. You should also pay attention to the type of lighting and mirrors you’re selecting and make sure it flows with your contemporary theme. These items are all important surrounding features that should complement your vanity design.



Vintage-style vanities are popular among homeowners who love to showcase repurposed pieces in the most charming way possible. The vanity above is vintage in style but fresh in feel. It’s functional, while giving this bathroom a lot of character and aesthetic appeal.

Antique-style vanities are elegant and popular among some homeowners because they can be paired with a traditional style home without looking strange. Wallpaper, linens and accessories are also great ways to continue incorporating vintage pieces into your bathroom design.  


As you witnessed, there are numerous ways you can go with your double vanity bathroom design. The selection process comes down to a few main considerations, which are the style of your home, the amount of space you’re working with and personal style. If nothing else, I hope this article inspired you to continue researching your options and convinced you that there’s not a right or wrong, but different styles that’ll each bring their own unique flavor to any bathroom.

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