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By on Dec 11, 2014
Easy Christmas Décor Ideas

Christmas décor doesn’t only make your home feel festive and fun for the holiday season, but it’s also been known to turn a frown upside down. Whether you’re hanging new and shiny Christmas lights, creating your own handmade mantel garland or just adding a touch of color into your living room, there are plenty of ways to deck your halls for Christmas.

Easy Christmas Decor

Christmas Tree

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Of course, all Christmas decorating starts with the tree. The tree should always be the centerpiece of your Christmas decorations. When people walk into the home, the tree should present that “wow” factor.

I will get into Christmas tree ornaments later on, but make sure you add plenty of color, a few handmade ornaments and of course, some personal items to make it yours.

If you’re working with a smaller living room, your tree must stand out as it takes up so much real estate. Be wary of adding too much décor around it.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

You have to brighten up that tree somehow and the most common solution is to add Christmas ornaments. Now, we can all go to the store and purchase the standard, red, green, blue and gold Christmas ornaments, but that’s boring. Why not create your own? You can easily create a pom-pom ornament, a postcard ornament or even, a pinecone gnome ornament. As our friends at BHG point out, there are plenty of handmade ornaments our creative fans can make in the friendly confines of your own home.

In case you need more inspiration, see what my friend Elf did in just one night.

Christmas Ornaments Around the House

As I noted in 10 Last Minute Holiday Decoration Ideas, Christmas ornaments do not only belong on the tree. You could hang the extra ornaments from your dining room chairs, the staircase, coat hooks or even, oven door handles. For a more simple design, you could also take your extra Christmas ornaments and put them in a glass-serving bowl.

Christmas Wreaths

Perhaps the easiest decoration to add is a Christmas wreath. Your neighbors will most likely hang the casual red and green wreath from their front doors. As you have hopefully noticed, this article is about new and improved Christmas décor ideas. Give your Christmas decorations an upgrade with a nontraditional wreath hung from your windows, fireplace mantel or on your living room wall. You could go very nontraditional by making your own wreath. Below, you can see how the wicker basket adds a new dimension to their Christmas decorations.

Unique Wreath

Christmas Lights

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Outdoor lighting is a must when it comes to Christmas decorating. From a few lights highlighting your front door to those amazing houses that cover every inch, Christmas lights add that Christmas spirit to any home.

Beware, if you’re adding the lights yourself, be careful as you climb the ladder or add so much extra voltage to the home. If you need some help, as our Christmas lights cost estimator indicates, the average price to professionally install Christmas lights is $412.

Table Centerpieces

The holidays are meant to be spent with family. As such, you will hopefully be gathered around your dining room table for a terrific Christmas meal. To keep everyone in the holiday mood, try adding or creating your own table centerpiece.

BHG inspired us with their very creative centerpiece ideas ranging from an ornament bouquet made with real flowers, an evergreen pitcher made from the front yard, wreath-inspired Christmas candles and my personal favorite, a muffin tin with flowers centerpiece.

Muffin Tin


Your living room mantel is another perfect spot to spread holiday cheer. Garlands, or long pieces of greenery that stretch, are great additions that can add a bit of the outdoors to any living room. In fact, garlands, along with painted letters, vases filled with greenery, pinecones and more are just some of the best ways to turn your fireplace and/or living room into your Christmas décor focal point. In fact, if you can’t add a Christmas tree, the above recommendations are a great way to sustain that holiday cheer. 

Personal Touches

The holidays are meant for family and you and your guests should be reminded of this fact in every room throughout the home. If you have that beautiful family portrait, put it on the mantel. If you have that hilarious story that your son captured on his phone, showcase it on the TV. Every family celebrates Christmas differently, but all should be comfortable sharing these great moments with others.

If you really want to get personal, try beating this amazing Christmas card video!


In the end, Christmas decorating should be fun and something everyone in the family can do. Whether you add a few ornaments to the tree or one strand of lights in front, enjoy Christmas decorating and don’t be afraid to dance to a different beat.

For more Christmas decorating ideas, please see 10 Last Minute Holiday Decoration Ideas.

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