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Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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By on Nov 5, 2017
Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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Creating a more sustainable household is the goal of many homeowners lately. After all, its benefits go beyond just the environment. You can actually save money long term by taking the steps necessary to create a greener home.

If you’re remodeling your home or looking for eco-friendly upgrades, new flooring is a great opportunity to start making green changes in your home. Choosing an eco-friendly flooring option does not limit your look! Here are a few eco-friendly flooring options you can use in your home.

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Eco-Friendly Wood

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Many homeowners love the look of wood flooring but think they must give that up to create a sustainable home. However, there are plenty of wood flooring options you have that are also good for the environment. When it comes to wood flooring, one of the biggest factors in sustainability is if its sourced responsibly. Research beforehand and know where the wood comes from. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, logo on products. This indicates that the company has met the best practices for sustainability.

Here are a few sustainable wood flooring ideas:

Bamboo Flooring

Because bamboo grows so quickly, it’s a great option for sustainable wood flooring. It’s also a great option as its durability ensures it will last a long time. The average cost of bamboo flooring is between $2/sf and $7/sf.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is an interesting choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Because cork is harvested from the tree bark, it can be done in a way that does not harm the tree and allow for it to continue growing. Cork is also softer than other flooring options, making it a great choice for areas where there’s plenty of foot traffic. The average cost of cork flooring is between $3/sf and $22/sf.

Reclaimed & Recycled Wood Flooring

With any sustainability effort, recycling and reusing materials rather than buying new is always best. Reclaimed and recycled wood flooring is a unique feature to have in your home, as it will never be like anyone else’s. It can come from various sources, making each board unique. The average cost of reclaimed wood flooring is between $8.18/sf and $10.43/sf.

Eco-Friendly Tile

Tile Flooring

Tile is a great choice for homeowners who are looking to be eco-friendly. Though certain types of tile come from renewable resources, you should always be aware of where you’re sourcing the product from. Naturally, recycled glass is a common option for homeowners going green. Stone tile, such as slate, is also an eco-friendly choice. The average cost to install slate tile is between $2.50/sf and $10/sf.

Eco-Friendly Carpet And Wood

Wool Carpet

For a softer flooring option, many choose to go with carpeting. However, the materials you use choose may not be doing the earth any favors. That’s why homeowners are turning to wool for their carpeting, or even for area rugs. It's important to research the brand of wool carpet provider to ensure they are sourcing responsibly, as it is sourced from sheep. They regrow their coats annually and sheering is hygienic as well as painless for the animals, making it a great option for sustainability.

You’ll also want to be sure your carpet pro is using sustainable materials for installation. The average cost to install carpeting is $1,628, with most homeowners spending between $862 and $1,831.

Eco-Friendly Linoleum

Linoleum Flooring

You may not know, but linoleum actually comes from a plant. Linseed oil is the base of this floor, and it is a resource that grows back rapidly. Linoleum is often confused with its counterpart, vinyl. But real linoleum is biodegradable, non-toxic and can be used with other recycled materials to create a floor you love. The average cost to install linoleum flooring in a 500sf room is between $1,400 and $1,900.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete has become synonymous with green building initiatives, and for good reason. It can be sealed and act as a floor of its own. It’s extremely durable and can last the longest out of all flooring options. On occasion, you may need repairs, but outside of that, concrete floors will stay in-tact and looking great.

Be sure the sealant you choose for your concrete floor is eco-friendly as well. You can even choose to coat it and give it a look that will warm up the room. The average cost for concrete coating is $1,913, with most homeowner spending between $1,502 and $2,152.


More often than ever, homeowners are seeing the benefits that eco-friendly remodeling options have. It can save you money, as most green options are durable and will last a long time. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part in making the earth a better place for all. So, if you’re planning to replace your floors, consider one of these sustainable flooring options.

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