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Enjoying Summer At Home

Enjoy summer activities at home whether you're living solo or spending the season with a houseful of kids. From backyard gardening to indoor crafts, there are plenty of fun ways to spend your summer months.

Whether you're staying home because of local social distancing guidelines or personal concerns, there are plenty of summer activities at home to infuse fun into your seasonal break. Safely enjoying summer at home means focusing on your family and yourself.

If completing your landscaping project is hampering your summer fun, let a pro take care of the hard work. Contact a local contractor for a quote today so you can get back to enjoying your summer at home.

Backyard Gardening At Home

Backyard Gardening

When you're contemplating what to do in summer at home, backyard gardening is a great option. If you already have a garden, now is the time to expand your planting area or try some new seed varieties you've never considered before. You can also start a simple garden if you're a complete beginner. Lettuce, spinach, green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers are some of the easiest vegetables to start with if you haven't tried gardening before.

Home garden ideas don't have to be elaborate. Even if you don't have much room, you can create a small backyard garden or try container gardening to maximize your available space. If you're new to gardening, it's easy to get overwhelmed, but there are plenty of gardening tips and tricks online that can help you get started. Soil testing can help you determine whether your yard is ready for gardening or whether you need to improve the chemical composition of the dirt first.

Creative backyard garden ideas include:

  • Making a butterfly garden with plants that butterflies need
  • Creating a herb garden with plants you can use in the kitchen
  • Planting a backyard flower garden filled with night-blooming flowers to enjoy after the sun goes down
  • Starting a backyard vegetable garden that produces different foods each season

Fun Backyard Games

Backyard games are a great option when you're looking for fun things to do in the summer at home with kids. Horseshoes, cornhole and hopscotch are easy to play and set up, or you can have fun with giant inflatable versions of bowling or kickball. If you have a pool, stave off boredom by engaging in classic water games such as Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows.

Even without a pool, you can find ways to use water to cool off in your backyard during the summer. Stage a family water balloon fight, set up a sprinkler, or play water hose limbo to get soaked without a pool.

Creative Summer Meals

Summer offers plenty of opportunities for getting creative with cooking. Fun summer meal ideas include having a backyard picnic, barbecuing on the grill, and cooking hot dogs over a fire pit. Consider churning your own ice cream with a manual ice cream maker as a nostalgic summer activity. If you're spending time with adult family members or a small group of friends, you can turn your patio or lawn into a backyard beer garden as an alternative to going out.

Indoor Summer Games Twister

Indoor Summer Activities At Home

Sometimes the weather refuses to cooperate and you end up stuck indoors during a summer rainstorm. Games, crafts, and creative activities make staying indoors more fun during the summer months.

Consider the classics when you're looking for fun games to play at home. Twister, Monopoly, Pictionary, and checkers are all easy to learn and simple to play. If you're trying to stay active indoors, consider creating a DIY indoor obstacle course, designing an indoor bowling rink, or blowing up some balloons and getting everyone involved in a game of balloon tennis.

Summer Craft Ideas

Some fun crafts to do in the summer at home include making glittery slime, creating string art, and doing papercrafts. If you're feeling ambitious, consider using up all the cardboard boxes in your garage or basement to build a fort, cat tower, or fun costume.

Summer is also a great time to enjoy outdoor art and craft projects. Create chalk masterpieces on your front sidewalk or driveway, and make nature-inspired art from rocks, twigs, and leaves you find in your yard.

Creative Summer DIY Projects

A summer spent home alone or with your immediate family is a great time to start a new hobby or DIY project. You can tackle the indoor paint job you've been meaning to complete or start a bathroom remodel during the summer at home.

If you're working on your backyard garden, consider some DIY projects outdoors. You could build a trellis to support grapevines or create mosaic stones for a garden path. If you've always wanted to attract birds to your yard, build some bird feeders or birdhouses and install them where you can admire any feathered friends that come to visit.

At-Home Summer Activities

From building a delightful flower garden to coming up with creative indoor games for rainy summer days, there are plenty of ways to enjoy summer at home. Make the most of your home base this summer with these fun ideas that engage your mind and keep you physically active through the hottest months of the year.

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