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Fall Favorites: Must-Have Décor Items In 2018

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By on Oct 15, 2018
Fall Favorites: Must-Have Décor Items In 2018

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While pumpkins and fall hues like red and orange will never go out of style in the autumn months, like any season, the styles can change. Often, fall décor trends will enhance the coziness of your home in a way that utilizes what’s been hot all year.

Some of 2018’s fall trends might surprise you! If you’ve been wondering how to decorate your home this fall, we have the answers for you. Here are 10 must-have home décor items in 2018.

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Fall 2018 Decor Ideas

Fall 2018 Trends

If you’ve been keeping up with this year’s trends, you might already know that bold colors and patterns are in. However, how does that translate to your fall décor? In thinking about how to cozy up your home, you’ll want to incorporate more colors you may not expect.

“Some of the most popular fall trends I am seeing this year are jewel tones,” Rachel Mautner, lead interior designer, said. “I am a huge fan of emerald greens and peacock blues; I have seen them installed everywhere from kitchen cabinets to wall coverings. I am also seeing plenty of pinks ranging from magentas to blossoms. “

Let’s not forget about materials as well! This is just as important. Mautner suggested a few to keep an eye out for:

“Channel tufting is trending, leather or velvet, dining chair or headboard, it's everywhere and I’m selfishly indulging in it,” she said.

Here are a few ways you can get the look.

Fall 2018 Throw Pillows

Fall Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to change out your décor for the seasons is with throw pillows. Choosing new throw pillows can help you incorporate not only the best colors but the best textures as well. Mautner has two recommendations for you if you’re planning to get new throw pillows for fall.

“My must-haves for this fall are definitely bold prints and luxe textiles,” she said. “This large cheetah print throw pillow from Jayson Home is the perfect piece to layer with navy mohair throws from CB2.”

Mixing prints and solids can be the perfect way to play with patterns and colors you love for the season.

Fall 2018 Door Wreaths

Fall Wreaths

Interior décor is important, especially in fall. But, don’t neglect your exterior! An easy way to dress up your entryway for fall is by including a fall wreath. Adding a wreath to your front door doesn’t have to just be for the winter holidays. Find a wreath with twigs and leaves in orange, yellow and red. A eucalyptus wreath is a hot trend for this fall season.

For more ideas read Year-Round Wreath Ideas For Your Home.

Fall Table Centerpiece

Nothing brings the family together more than a wonderful dinner during the fall season. Pumpkins, squash and cinnamon treats often fill a harvest table. While the food is often what’s focused on first, you’ll want a fall table centerpiece that really helps celebrate the season. Whenever I think of fall, I think rustic. So naturally, I was interested in this tutorial from A Pumpkin And A Princess, featuring a wood tray you can use all year long.

Another way you can build a fall table centerpiece is with lanterns. This is a good idea if you’re enjoying a few more brisk dinners out on your patio before it gets too cold to do so. Mautner suggests using lanterns for your fall table centerpiece both indoors and out.

“I personally love filling the bottom of my lanterns with moss and having a simple unscented candle on top,” she said. “Ambient lighting is so important.”

Fall Blankets & Bedding

Looking to add some cozy, fall warmth to your bedroom? As temperatures cool down, it might be time to switch from the light summer quilt to a thicker duvet. “New bedding is an easy change that can make an impact,” Mautner said.

Much like throw pillows, incorporate the same trends in texture and color here. Look for duvet covers in jewel tones that have a unique texture. To get the look, Mautner suggested this tufted quilt.

Fall Flowers

Not ready to give up your blooms yet? The good news is, you don’t have to! Fall is one of the best times to finish up your gardening. Chrysanthemums and asters will be blooming this autumn with rich hues that you should certainly incorporate into your 2018 home décor. I love switching out my summer flowers for mums on the front porch about this time. They are hardy and will last until I’m ready to winterize my lawn.


Fall is a wonderful season to decorate for. While items like pumpkins and leaf patterns will be in style every year, there are a few new trends that you can take advantage of in 2018. Try incorporating some of the hot colors, like peacock blue and tufted textures into your home décor this year to get the look.

Did you miss last season’s trends? Read Summer 2018 Home Décor Trends for more.

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