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Fall In Love With Fall

Interior Design & Decorating, Potpourri
By Katie Carlson on Nov 5, 2015
Fall In Love With Fall

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Yes, it’s true, we’re in love. Fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited! The colors, the lattes and all of the bright lights. It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up with a warm blanket and watch the leaves slowly make their way down from the autumn trees.

With all of the fun happenings, there’s something for everyone this season. From eye-catching décor to mouthwatering recipes, we’ve got some amazing ideas that’ll bring fall right to your doorstep.

Mason Jars

Interior Décor

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These mason jars have fall written all over them, literally. This is such a great way to bring in some color and style to your, otherwise, plain mason jars.

In order to DIY, you’ll need four pint size jars, paint colors of your choice, flowers, jute twine for the bow and burlap to wrap around each jar.


I personally have never seen this idea, but I love it! It’s such a simple, yet adorable way to get in the spirit. Purchase a few candle holders, some candy corn, tea lights and boom, your masterpiece is complete! Depending on the holiday, you can swap out the candy for anything you choose.


Anyone can put flowers in a vase, but how about adding a little twist to your normal display? These mini pumpkins give this vase a whole new look. On a side note, those bright orange flowers are gorgeous!


Gold is one of those colors that shines all on its own. The opposite of getting all colorful with your fall table settings, is to go for a classy and chic design. We love how different this idea is and, of course, the fact that it’s most definitely fabulous.


Exterior Décor

Now these people know what they’re doing. The robin’s egg blue door mixed with shades of green, orange and brown instantly draws your eye in. It’s the perfect country, rustic porch design.


I believe that’s a glittery pumpkin we see! The mix of leaves, hay, pumpkins and colors produce a cheery and festive display of fall. This setup gets our blessing because it’s stylish, welcoming and creative.


Now this house is serious about fall! The candles, pumpkins, leaves and wreaths complement each other very well. We don’t think they planned it this way, but the black painted door and white house paint are amazing backdrops for fall.


Dress up the exterior of your home by adding an array of beautiful flowers on the windowsill. The multicolor floral arrangement was the right choice against the red paint and white trim. Now that you’ve seen some examples of fall home décor, we’ll fill you in on what colors and trends you should know before you start decorating your own home.


Colors & Trends

You can’t go wrong highlighting the gorgeous colors already found in nature. The key here is to use what’s already outside and mix it with various shades of the hottest fall colors, which are orange, yellow, red, green, pink, blue and brown.

If you’re a fan of combining different colors together, your best bet is to mingle red, yellow and orange. If you prefer to stick with one primary color, then think about focusing in on rich reds, dark neutrals or burnt orange.


It’s never a bad thing to know what the experts are suggesting you include in your fall home décor. Instead of remodeling your entire home to fit the season, enhance the furniture you already have by adding decorative pillows and candles in all of your favorite fall colors and styles.

Use the fancy pumpkins you painted and accessorized to bring style to your home this season. Plants, leaves, flowers and pinecones are a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. Fancy up the mantel or string some lights. Whatever you do, make it your own and have some fun with it! 


Wreaths are not just for Christmas time. Not to be biased, but this is my favorite piece of all. This colorful wreath and white monogram against the dark painted door is fantastic! A creative idea that can definitely be turned into a DIY project.



We took to Pinterest and found five fabulous fall recipes you just have to try. They all look so delicious that we’re having trouble deciding which one we want to make first!



Use these DIY tips to make your home fall fabulous this season. It’s okay if you only want to implement a few of the ideas this time around; you can always go the extra mile next year. We hope you enjoy your new fall look!

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