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February Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance
By on Aug 24, 2020
February Home Maintenance Checklist

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February is the shortest month of the year, so that means that you may have less time to do the things you need to get done. While your to-do list piles up, there are a few tasks you should try to get done around the home before the month is over.

Depending on where you live in the country, February can also mean that you are inside away from the cold weather. However, there’s plenty to do, as spring is just around the corner! Here is your February Home Maintenance Checklist.

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To-Do List

February Home Maintenance Plan

Much of January was spent thinking and preparing for the year ahead. However, February is the time to begin to get things done. If you’ve been keeping up with our home maintenance guides, you know that each month we provide a home maintenance checklist for you to follow and make sure you’re on track. This month, begin taking steps to plan the larger home remodeling projects you have while still making needed updates to your home. Here are a few tasks that should d be included in your February home maintenance schedule:

  • Smaller Paint Projects
  • Clean Your Air Ducts
  • Get A Home Energy Audit
  • Clean & Repair Furniture
  • Research Home Improvement Contractors

Smaller Paint Projects

While many people choose to take on larger paint projects in the warmer months, due to better ventilation, now is the time to take care of those smaller paint projects and touch-ups. One project that often gets pushed aside in favor of bigger color changes is trim. You’d be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can make a difference. Read How To Paint Trim to and see the benefits of this small paint project.

Clean Your Air Ducts

With many parts of the country experiencing cold temperatures, it’s likely your heater is being used quite a bit. So, you might want to consider having your air ducts clean to reduce the amount of dust and allergens floating around the home. The average cost to clean air ducts is $330, with most homeowners spending between $280 and $366.

Get A Home Energy Audit

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint. While you might have laid out a great plan to do so, how do you know it’s actually working?

That’s where a home energy audit comes in. You can find out exactly what improvements you need to make in order to make sure you’re making the impact you want. This can be making a few small changes such as fixing any leaks in your window, to larger installations such as insulation upgrades. Hiring a pro for this will get you the best results.

Learn more in Want A Green Home? Get A Home Energy Audit.

Clean & Repair Furniture

If you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to have your furniture cleaned and repaired. It’s likely been used a lot the last few months with holiday parties in early winter and lately, where you’ve been watching your favorite shows, staying out of the cold. In the spirit of love that comes with Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show your furniture some TLC. The average cost to clean upholstery is $155 and the average cost to repair furniture is $174.

Research Home Improvement Contractors

For any large home remodeling project, you’ve likely started with a plan in January. It’s now time to start researching both budget and pros to start doing the work for you. From a kitchen remodel to masonry work, these projects tend to book up quickly once the weather starts to turn. Now is the perfect time to get in touch with a contractor.

Don’t forget we can help you find contractors in your area for free. Use ImproveNet to connect with pros near you and start getting your home remodeling scheduled.


These home maintenance tips should help you achieve your home improvement goals for February. Use this list and add to your home maintenance calendar for February.

Wondering what tasks you should take care of next month? Read March Home Maintenance Checklist.

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