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From Greenhouse To Playhouse: Shed Designs That Stand Out

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By on Jul 28, 2016
From Greenhouse To Playhouse: Shed Designs That Stand Out

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Is your backyard lacking style? Could you use more storage space outside of your home? Or, are you looking for a unique way to upgrade your home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, building or repurposing a shed might be the answer.

Before you jump to old, outdated images of your grandparents aged shed, cluttered with lawn furniture and gardening tools, think again. Modern shed designs have many trendy variations, with functions beyond storage. From building new to just a few upgrades, see how you can transform the look and function of your backyard with these shed designs.

Potting Shed

Considerations Before Building

If you’re not planning to repurpose an existing shed, you’ll need to plan for your new shed addition. Before deciding on a shed design, you’ll want to plan for the build and the budget. Most cities require a permit to begin new construction in your yard. Be sure to look into any homeowner’s association or neighborhood policies in regards to sheds to ensure you’re compliant with all ordinances.

The average cost to build a shed or playhouse is $2,844, depending on the size of the structure. If you plan on updating your existing shed design, these costs will become significantly less.

Greenhouse Shed

Greenhouse & Potting Sheds

For the green thumb, having a place to give plants the care they need is rarely found inside the house, at least not without a little mess left behind. If gardening is your hobby, a greenhouse or potting shed is a must.

Greenhouse sheds are primarily composed of glass windows and recycled materials to create a growing space with natural light. This is an instant focal point in your backyard to truly show off your hobby. Plants sit in the shed, growing in the light through the partial greenhouse roof and temperature-controlled environment. They also provide a way to garden on rainy days!

Similarly, potting sheds are a place to bring some of the outdoor gardening tasks indoors. They provide a place to start plants for your garden. Some may include a partial glass roof, but more often, they provide light through side windows, so you can see what you’re gardening. From pots to small shovels, potting sheds also act as garden storage. Keep this in mind as you plan your shed design.

Playhouse Shed

Shed Playhouses

What better for a child then to have their own outdoor playhouse? They are just the right size for kids and will help spark imaginative play. You’ll be the talk of the block with these shed playhouse ideas.

  • Fantasy: For the princess in your household, she can now have her own castle.
  • Whimsical: For an old-time classic look, a whimsical shed playhouse will be a beautiful focal point and will inspire playtime.
  • Log Cabin: Boys will love this fun, creative space.

Whatever the style, it should reflect your child’s interests and give them a space to be themselves. Consider adding different playtime features, such as a slide, swing or fake kitchen. Of course, safety should be the top priority when it comes to shed playhouse design. Contact a pro to help.

Pool Shed

Pool Shed Ideas

Get rid of the plastic storage box near the pool and really enhance the look. A pool shed provides beautiful storage for water toys, equipment and other items you need to enjoy your pool. Many of these sheds tend to be smaller than the average design, as their primary purpose is for storage. Bigger designs can also function as changing rooms before jumping in. You can add purpose to the outside as well by including towel and bathing suit hooks. Reclaimed wood, white paint and nautical décor will really add a great look as you sit poolside.

Man Cave Shed

Man Cave Sheds

Man caves are very popular right now and are a great way to repurpose an older shed. Create a personal space with a man cave shed, giving him a place to escape and enjoy. A man cave shed can have many elements of a man cave room, like a recliner and memorabilia themed décor.

To really give the shed the man cave treatment, you’ll need electricity for a small fridge or television, if it’s not installed already. Contact a pro to help give your shed the full man cave treatment.

Beautiful  Tool Shed

Storage & Tool Shed Ideas

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To stick with the classic purpose, a shed can be a place for additional tool and equipment storage. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of great shed designs and storage solutions to make your shed an enjoyable part of your yard.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not taking stock of what their needs are before building. Assess what needs to be stored and plan for plenty of room to fit what’s needed and a little extra for newly acquired items.

Shelving and hooks are especially important for shed storage to keep tools, boxes and other items off the ground. This helps with organization and limits shed repairs. Try building cubby hole shelves to help with storing tools that don’t have a box or way to hang. This will help organize and easily locate the item when it is in need.

Finally, be sure to put plenty of thought into the outside design. Farmhouse and cottage styles are a timeless look. Add plenty of windows to let natural light in. Many beautiful sheds also include a small porch to really make it stand out. The options are endless. Assess your needs and your personal style to see what will work best in your backyard.

Whimiscal Shed


Enjoy spending time working and playing in your yard. Sheds are a great addition to any backyard that add additional style and ROI. You can find a new purpose in them with these ideas.

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