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Gardening Tools Every Homeowner Needs

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By on Aug 3, 2017
Gardening Tools Every Homeowner Needs

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Whether you love it or hate it, as a homeowner, you’ll have to do some gardening a few times a year. From weeding to planting a few flowers, a little bit of gardening can go a long way in your yard. Having the right tools to do so can make all the difference.

However, knowing what to keep in your garden shed can be a challenge. Walking through the garden supply aisle can make you feel overwhelmed, even for seasoned homeowners. Stick to the basics! To help, here are gardening tools you’ll need to keep on hand for large or small gardening projects.

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What To Look For In Garden Equipment

What To Look For In Garden Equipment

For first-time homeowners, the idea of taking care of a yard, regardless of size, can be daunting. However, the first place to start, before making any changes is finding the right kinds of tools. The next time you’re walking down the garden aisle at your favorite home improvement store, observe all the options available. You can find garden equipment in almost every shape, size and color. Before wasting money on options that are likely to break, know the quality you want for your project.

Look for tools with sturdy, cushioned handles. Seamless tools are less likely to break as opposed to metal ends that are screwed on. For lighter work, these may do the job temporarily. But as your landscaping projects expand, you’ll want to make the most of your garden tool investment.

Gardening Gloves

1. Garden Gloves

The number one item in my garden shed are my gloves. I don’t do any work without them. From weeding to trimming the bushes, garden gloves can protect your hands from debris, thorns and insects you might run into when gardening. While any color that matches your style is fine, try to find one with a rubber grip on the palm and fingers, for extra protection.

2. Lawn Mower

Large or small, your lawn must be mowed. By investing in a quality lawn mower, you can make this task easier and more enjoyable. There are three types of mowers to choose from: gas, electric and manual. If you have a small or medium size lawn and you’re looking to keep your yard work eco-friendly and easy, choose a cordless electric mower. Though you might invest more up front, it will certainly pay off in time invested. Manual push mowers often are where some turn for very small yards, because it's very low-maintenance. However, for anything larger, you’ll want to stick to an electric or gas mower.

Of course, you can always leave this to the pros and you won’t need to make the investment in a mower at home. The average cost to mow a lawn is $61 depending on size.

Gardening Tools Every Homeowner Needs

3. Hand Trowel & Rake

While you may not realize it yet, weeds can be difficult to get out! A hand trowel and rake can be helpful in spot removal of large weeds with deep roots. They help take some of the hard work out. Look for ones with comfortable handles and sturdy surfaces. A hand trowel and rake can also come in handy if you’re planting a garden.

4. Spade

Another handheld tool you’ll want to have in your garden toolkit is a spade. Unlike a trowel, this has a square edge. It can easily break up roots and soil, without digging a hole. This is helpful if you’re moving sod or part of a plant or doing some edging. This can come in a long or short handle depending on the type gardening you’ll be doing.

Garden Rake

5. Rake

Even if you don’t have any trees in your yard, a long-handled rake can be helpful in spreading dirt or mulch evenly throughout your yard. A sturdy rake can be a good investment for unexpected projects that may come up, especially if leaves do end up in your yard this fall!

6. Trimming Shears

For bushes, shrubs and tall plants, quality trimming shears are essential. If you opt to not have your bushes and hedges maintained by a landscaping contractor, you’ll have to do the work yourself. Trimming shears can keep all your tall plants maintained by removing unsightly branches and trimming off the dead parts, so new leaves and flowers can grow!

Hand Pruners

7. Hand Pruner

Many new homeowners get trimming shears and hand pruners confused, but it’s necessary to have both. Hand pruners are smaller, helpful for trimming smaller plants and branches. They are not strong enough to trim thick shrubs and hedges, but can easily get flower bushes, ornamental grasses and small gardens back to beautiful again.

Garden Shovel

8. Long- Handled Shovel

A standard long-handled garden shovel is a must for any gardener. From removing a large weed to transferring a plant to another part of the yard, a shovel can come in handy in many gardening situations. Be sure to find a study shovel that won’t break under pressure and has rubber padding to protect your hands.

Garden Hose

9. Garden Hose & Nozzle

For healthy plants, they need to be watered regularly. That’s why a garden hose and an adjustable nozzle is a must for your garden. This way, you’re able to control the amount of water distributed onto your plants. It's certainly a must for anyone looking to improve their yard.

Weed Trimmer

10. String Trimmer & Edger

Even with a lawn mower, there are some corners and edges that a lawnmower just can’t reach. For a perfectly maintained yard, you’ll want to invest in a quality string trimmer and edger. Like lawn mowers, they come in gas and electric varieties. However, for the most efficiency, we recommend the cordless string trimmer.

When To Contact A Landscaping Contractor

While you may have all the basic tools, some jobs may come up where you might need bigger power tools and a knowledge of how to use them. At this point, it’s time to contact a landscaping contractor who can help. From installing large areas of grass to creating a slope, they can help you safely create the yard you’ve always dreamed of.


Having all the tools you need will guarantee an easier time with your gardening and yard work tasks. Don’t forget to invest in quality items that will last and get the job done efficiently. Keep your garden shed stocked with these items to make work a breeze!

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