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Guide To Bed Bugs & How to Remove Them From Your Home

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By on Sep 15, 2017

We have all had the same expression when we hear it. You have bed bugs! Those are four words that people do not want to say or hear. But how much do we know about bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not able to fly or jump but, crawl along. Since they are limited on how they move, you may ask how they can end up in your home? Because they crawl, likely they were brought in to your home from an item of clothing, luggage, or other items that could be in contact with something that was already infested.

Having bed bugs can create problems in the home. Bed bugs can bite their hosts and feed off the blood. While they pose no serious health problems, the bites can cause rashes and other skin conditions that can cause discomfort and visual skin conditions.

Bed Bug Removal

To learn more about bed bugs and the associated problems, we have gathered a collection of links for you to review and hopefully assist you in protecting your home from bed bugs, and how to rid them if you do get them.

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