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Home Security Doesn’t Take A Vacation: What To Do While You’re Away

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By on Nov 7, 2016
Home Security Doesn’t Take A Vacation: What To Do While You’re Away

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Home sweet home, at least until you’re ready for a much needed vacation. However, before you say bon voyage, have you considered how your home will stay safe while you're away?

When you leave, depart with peace of mind that all will be well while you’re away. There are many everyday security measures you can utilize or check on in preparation for your tip. Now’s the time to ensure your home is secure, so you can rest and relax while you’re away.

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Living Room Safety

Install Or Upgrade Your Home Security System

If you’re planning for a vacation of any length, a home security system is a worthwhile investment simply for peace of mind. If anyone tries to enter your home while you’re away, the alarm is triggered and local authorities are notified. Some systems even have surveillance options as well. Many insurance companies give discounts on homes that are protected with security systems as well, so the ROI goes beyond just your travels.

If you’re considering installing or upgrading your alarm system, it’s best to do so a few months before you leave so you have enough time to get to know the system and explain to others. The average cost to install a security system is $634 depending on the system you choose.

Prevent Intruders

Check Your Locks

Securing your home for time away is not just as simple as locking the front door. It’s important to check your locks to ensure they are working properly, regardless if you have a security system or not. Taking it a step further, you should also be checking to make sure the locks in your home are in use. Locks that are commonly forgotten about may be the smaller ones, like on windows or fences.

Consider A Trusted House Sitter

When no one is watching your home, that is when it is most vulnerable. If you have a generous friend or family member, consider asking them to come by and watch your house, either by checking in once a day or staying the duration you have left. With someone in the home, it’s less likely that an intruder will target your house. Your house sitter can also help by watering the plants, feeding any pets and ensuring your home is in the exact condition you left it.

Dont Post On Social Media

Don’t Announce On Social Media

As excited as you may be for your upcoming vacation, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting the Internet know. Intruders are on the lookout, especially during peak travel seasons, for anyone hitting the “travelling to” button on Facebook or announcing the specific dates of departure. Tell your friends and family not to send you travel wishes over social media while you’re away, but rather, in person. And as much as you can, save any photos for your return home. If you’d like to share some details, check your security settings are as private as possible on your social media sites.

Hold Mail

Hold Your Mail & Newspapers

This may seem less obvious, but it's a sign to others who may be watching that you’re not home. If possible, see if you can put a hold on mail and newspaper delivery until you return home from your vacation, so it seems as if you are home to others. Another option is to have your house sitter collect the mail while you’re away, if you’ve chosen that route.

Automatic Timers On lights

Turn The Light On

An occupied house isn’t always dark, right? Leaving a light on at home is a great way to deter burglars. For additional safety, install a timer to a few of your lights in the home that go on at and off at a specific time. Some homeowners also prefer to add a TV timer to their home, to truly make it seem as if someone is home

Another safety precaution you can take is installing motion activated porch lights. These lights go on whenever activity is sensed and could not only startle an intruder, but also alert your neighbors that something may not be right at your house.

Hire A House Sitter

Do A Final Security Check Before You Leave

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We all remember that scene from the classic film Home Alone. Peter is consoling his wife before they discover they’ve actually left Kevin at home, he realizes he left the garage door open. A few scenes later, we see that indeed, he has. As funny as this movie is, we can all take a practical lesson from it. It’s important to do one final check of the home before your departure to ensure all entryways to the home are locked and secure.

One last thing to do is to remove any keys from outdoor lockboxes or hiding places, removing any extra ways for intruders to gain access. Anyone who is entering your home while you are away should already have a key and know how to work your security system.


Home safety is something that should be taken very seriously when you’re at home, but especially when you’re away. By preparing your home before you leave, you’ll have peace of mind that everything will be just as you left it upon your return home.

Are you considering a home surveillance system for your upcoming vacation? Read Where To Install Home Security Cameras for additional tips on how to keep your home safe.

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