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Hot Home Remodeling Trends 2019

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By on Dec 17, 2018
Hot Home Remodeling Trends 2019

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So, you’re setting some goals for the new year. Outside of choosing personal goals, it’s important to pick a few goals for your home as well. Have you been procrastinating a bathroom update? What about finishing that basement you started a few years back. This is the year to make the changes you’ve been waiting for.

However, not every home remodeling project is equal. Some add more value to your home than others and some simply MUST be done. This can be especially helpful if you plan on selling your home this year. Here are the hot home remodeling trends to expect in 2019 and how you can plan for them.

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Top Home Remodeling Projects

It’s always a good idea to start planning for your home remodeling project as early as possible. What better time to do so than the start of a new year? There really are endless opportunities when it comes to home projects, but some can bring more value than others. This can be especially important if you’re looking to sell your home in the new year.

“I don’t foresee any remodeling projects to become any less popular as we move into the new year,” Rachel Mautner, lead designer, said. "Each client’s needs are different. In most cases, when doing large-scale remodels, the least important remodel I have found is the powder room.”

Here are some popular remodeling projects:

If you’re planning on buying a home this year, keeping an eye out for potential remodeling projects may also help you receive a better deal on the sale, according to Terry Bunch, Century 21 Affiliated realtor.

“I like helping sellers and buyers spend their money on improvements that add value,” he said. “For sellers sometimes, a little upfront effort and expense will help them sell quicker and for more money than what the improvements costs. For Buyers, they can get a better “deal” on a home, a deeper market discount, if the home has some updating opportunities. Most buyers buy what they see and rule out these homes with updating opportunities.”

Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re looking to make a big change in your home this year, a kitchen remodel is the way to go. It certainly tops the list for popular remodeling projects for 2019. It’s an investment that can significantly increase the value of your home. 

The first step is to start planning your budget. The average cost to remodel a kitchen is $19,589, but those costs can vary with so many factors going into your remodel. Many homeowners spend between $13,504 and $22,463.

“Remodeling with adding value is a good thing but the first ‘big idea’ is to make sure the projects are something that the homeowner can enjoy,” Bunch said. “Only making improvements for the next owner robs them half the benefit of doing the work. Specific projects for adding value would be to update the kitchen and the master bath. These areas are prime components in a buyer’s decision on buying and what they will pay for a home.”

Depending on how extensive your remodel is, you’ll want to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor that can help manage every aspect of the project.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling will always top the list of popular remodeling projects. Make a resolution this year to get rid of old, wasteful fixtures and colorful tile to go for something sleek and energy-saving. These are things that are a popular addition to bathroom remodeling projects in 2019. Bunch has a few suggestions of where you should focus your remodeling efforts.

“Bathrooms can also be hit with painted cabinets, jewelry, lighting and framing a mirror goes a long way to updating and adding value,” he said.

The average cost of a bathroom remodel is $8,820, with most homeowners spending between $6,569 and $9,872.

Basement Remodeling

Looking for more space in 2019? You may want to look at your basement. If you haven’t finished your basement yet, it can be a great opportunity to add the room you’ve always been dreaming of. From a home theater to a new playroom, a finished basement allows you to take advantage of these endless possibilities.

“A finished basement is pivotal in resale value,” Mautner said. “I feel like the extra square footage brings a new element to the home for secondary entertainment areas, and guest suites.”

However, Bunch did caution that if you’re looking to remodel a basement just to sell your home, it might be worth spending time in other areas.

“Depending on the owner’s circumstances, the neighborhood and the market competition, sometimes doing nothing is the right thing,” he said. “But, a general rule of thumb would be to stay away from major projects like adding a room or finishing the basement just to sell the home.”

Garage Remodeling

If you’ve been keeping an eye on popular trends this year, you may already have noticed that garages have been expanding into luxury areas of the home. In fact, Builder Online reported that many homebuyers are looking for garages to be a livable part of the home.

While you might not have to transform your entire garage into a brand-new space, you may want to start with some organizing. The average cost to install garage organizers is $2,065, with most homeowners spending between $1,092 and $2,357.


Remodeling projects don’t just mean indoors, you should focus on your exterior as well.

“Homeowners should be investing in landscaping,” Mautner said. “As relevant kitchen and bath remodels are, curb appeal is just as important. You should be enjoying your outdoor living just as much as you do the indoors.”

Adding a few flowerbeds or landscape curbing can really help in boosting your curb appeal. To help, consider hiring a landscape designer. They’ll know just what your yard needs to make it the best looking on the block.

Other Home Projects

When considering a remodel, you’ll also have to make décor and color choices that apply to that room. Be sure to choose options that you not only like, but are in style and fresh for your home, especially if you’re planning for a home sale.

Colors are shifting from gray to greige,” Bunch said. “In homes with brown trim, buyers want white trim, this makes a major improvement that totally changes the feel of home. Adding sliding barn doors for pantry and closets are popular. Many buyers are concerned with age of windows today, this is a major expense and an owner can make changes gradually to soften the hit on the budget. Do a side at a time so all the windows match.”


Whatever home projects you choose to take on this year, make them count and ones you enjoy.

“I would try to encourage a homeowner to spend on maintenance items first then move to cosmetic items. Buyers expect the maintenance items to be taken care of no matter what,” Bunch said.

Be sure to plan your project thoroughly and keep in mind these tips of home remodeling projects that will be popular in 2019.

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