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Hottest Trends In Pool Design For 2016

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By on May 26, 2016
Hottest Trends In Pool Design For 2016

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Swimming pools have been around for a long time and play an important part in actualizing the American dream. In fact, earliest reports of swimming pools go back more than 5,000 years, according to archaeological findings.

Design trends evolve constantly as new materials, technology and pool features arrive on the market. You now have more choices than ever to add interest and character to your pool. These eight trends are among the hottest for 2016.

Relaxing Pool

1. Pool Structure

A traditional in-ground pool has distinct edges, typically with a deep end and a shallow end. The only way to get into the pool is by jumping in or taking the stairs. The pool typically has relatively consistent depths, a shallow end around 3' to 4’ and a deep end about 8’ deep. The latest trends for 2016, however, turn this convention on its head. Vanishing edge pools create the illusion that the water just keeps on going, blending seamlessly with the sky above.

Beach entries create the same smooth walk into the water that you’d experience at the ocean. Tanning ledges allow for pool enthusiasts to enjoy a few cool, refreshing inches of water while still getting plenty of sun. Also known as a lounging ledge, this shallow waterbed, with 12″ or less of water, is perfect for keeping cool in the water while exposing your skin to a good amount of sun for tanning and relaxing. Tanning ledges are perfect for relaxing in chaise lounges, enjoy splash time with toddlers or cool off without the effort of treading water.

Perimeter overflow pools allow water to overflow the edges of the pool, where it’s captured and recycled back into the pool water. It’s similar to a fountain, but is over the entire pool. The constantly moving water has a wonderful and calming sound and relaxing nature. As a bonus, it also tends to be self-cleaning!

Pool Detail

2. Tile

Concrete bottomed pools are on the way out. Glass and stone tiles are the material of the future. The reflective quality of glass tile against the water is picture perfect and can be used throughout the whole pool or as luxurious accent. The beautiful colors and patterns created by the tiles evoke a spa-like feel that will enhance your swimming experience. Although typically used as a waterline, glass tile can also be implemented on the ground of the pool to create a magnificently beautiful look. Stone tiles create a stunning and more traditional, Romanesque effect for your pool. Additionally, the smoother surface is also more soothing for bare feet.

3. Fire & Water

Many families are choosing to combine the elements of fire and water to create fascinating effects and enhance the appearance of the pool. Fire pits and fire bowls add light that sparkles on the surface of the water at night. Not only that, they add a sense of luxury and elegance to the pool area.

Pool Tile Waterfall

4. Water Features

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Water features come in a myriad of options that can really enhance your outdoor living experience. The sound of falling water and the gorgeous visual effect of flowing water create a relaxed atmosphere. Hydrotherapy jets aren’t just for spas and physical therapy pools anymore. This latest feature is now available for in-home pools. These relaxing jets can transform your backyard space into an enchanted oasis and bring a sense of relaxation and peace to your home.

5. Pavers

Concrete and natural paver stones cover the ground around many pool areas. These stones and concrete can appear in a variety of colors and will blend beautifully with any style of pool décor. Because concrete is durable, it’s can hold up to plenty of traffic in the pool area.

Pool Tile Mosaic

6. Poolside Patio Décor

Standard white poolside chairs and a table with an umbrella aren’t cutting it anymore! If you want the ultimate pool experience in your backyard, you need poolside patio décor that’s designed to take your elegant style into consideration. Current trends include exotic wood, travertine and marble that blend together to create stunning, relaxing effects that wouldn’t be out of place in a spa. 

7. Going Green

Eco-friendly trends are one of the foremost considerations for many contemporary decorators and going green in the pool area is no exception. Geothermal and solar heating provide a comfortable water temperature even in the late spring and early fall, when the air can be a bit too crisp. Bio pools offer another eco-friendly option. These natural pools use plants and other biological filters, rather than harsh chemical substances, to clean and refresh the pool.

Spa And Glass Tile Ideas

8. Outdoor Living Spaces

Connecting the swimming pool with outdoor living décor is another fun way to enhance your pool area. Highlight the pool area with quality furniture that’s water-resistant and designed to fit in with your other outdoor décor. Your patio, grill and outdoor living areas can blend seamlessly with the pool area to create a stunning outdoor space that your entire family can enjoy.


Pool design is constantly evolving. There are new changes and advances in pool design every year and this year’s trends are sure to delight and impress. While it’s wise to be on guard against short-lived fads that will have you changing your décor within a few years, enhancing your outdoor living experience and creating memories are never out of style.

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