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How Much Do New Windows Cost?

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By on Oct 7, 2014
How Much Do New Windows Cost?

Winter is coming and no, I am not just quoting Game of Thrones. With cooler weather on the way, many homeowners are starting to winterize their homes. While caulking or extra insulation could save a buck or two on energy costs, the best way to prepare your home for winter is by installing new windows.

Old windows can be the No. 1 source of heat loss. Not only do new windows improve a home's aesthetic appeal and resale value, but today's windows are also made to be much more energy efficient. While the window installation cost may be more than the average repair costs, the new windows are sure to pay off in the long run.

That is why I have broken down all the costs that go into window installation. While there are numerous factors that affect the overall price, such as type, quantity and quality, we have calculated the average price for window installation near you.

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Window Installation Cost

Window Installation Cost

According to our window installation cost estimator, the average price to install new windows is $4,264. Nonetheless, there are numerous factors affecting this overall price.

The type of window plays a big role in the overall cost. Storm windows and double hung windows, for example, are known to be more expensive because they provide extra insulation. As you know, this would decrease your heating costs. On the other hand, single pane windows such as casement windows and picture windows are more affordable, but do not provide as much insulation.

Regardless, most homeowners tend to install multiple window types throughout the home. As I iterated in 6 Window Styles You Need To Know About, each has its own set of pros and cons that all homeowners should consider before installing new windows.

Install New Windows

Another huge factor in the window installation equation is the number of windows. Window companies prefer to install multiple windows at once. They rarely install one window for a new client. Therefore, many homeowners on a budget tend to replace or install new windows a few at a time as opposed to trying to replace them all at once. Many window installation companies offer special deals to homeowners who opt for entire window replacement.

Window Material Costs

The cost of materials will be included in your window installation cost. Glass panes will not fluctuate the price too much, but the window frame will.

The surrounding frame can be made from all kinds of materials. Vinyl, wood and aluminum are among the most commonly used materials for window frames and each has its pros and cons. Wood is very popular nowadays, but aluminum and vinyl are generally cheaper.

Bear in mind, framing is not easy. Having specialists install windows helps ensure that the products are installed correctly. However, if you’re trying to install new windows yourself, take a look at DIY Tips for How to Install Windows. 

Window Costs

How to Pick Energy-Efficient Windows

If you’re installing new or replacing your old windows, you might as well put in energy-efficient windows. As I said earlier, long-term savings will undoubtedly offset the higher installation cost.

Before you call a local contractor, you must have an idea as to what kind of windows you want. As my colleague pointed out in Four Steps To Picking The Most Energy-Efficient Windows For Your Home, all homeowners must:

  • Look for the energy star label and rating
  • Frame the window correctly
  • Understand the different types of window glazing
  • Choose window styles based on how they operate

Click on the link above to start your search for the most energy-efficient windows.

New Window Costs


Like many other projects, the size and scope of work will play a huge role in the overall price of your window installation. Just remember, your windows can greatly affect the look of your home, as well as your heating and energy costs. Do yourself a favor, bite the bullet, and go with energy-efficient windows.

Want to see how much windows cost in your area? See the average with our window installation cost estimator.

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