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How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

By on Aug 4, 2016
How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

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Landscaping can be a big undertaking, but if done right, it can greatly improve your curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Nonetheless, homeowners like yourselves are busy working, taking care of the kids and cooking dinner. Who has time for landscaping?

Those of us without a green thumb will be delighted to hear that professional landscaping is well within your means. Once you review the major landscaping projects and average costs below, head over to our landscaping portal to connect with local landscapers who can help you complete any green project you wish.

Install Landscaping

Installing Landscaping

Unless you have a brand new house in a brand new community, chances are, you already have some landscaping installed. This could be grass in the backyard, a few bushes and even a tree or two. Nevertheless, we have to start with the basics.

According to our landscaping installation cost estimator, the average price to install landscaping is $3,538. This assumes no foundation has been laid and includes both the front and backyard. If you want to help your landscaper and save some dough, you must keep a few things in mind.

  • Don’t buy plants that can’t thrive in your climate.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew as far as landscaping projects.
  • Check with the city for larger landscaping projects.
  • Get creative. If you like to repurpose old things, you could use an old wheelbarrow, a tire or even an old pot for a planter.
  • Always consider the front and backyard.

Landscape Costs

Installing Sprinklers

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Homeowners install sprinklers so they don’t have to go out and water their plants for 15 minutes every single day. Some see watering plants as a relaxing activity while others see it as a burden. If you fall into the latter, then you may want to install your own sprinklers.

The average price to install a sprinkler system is $3,653. Bear in mind, the price will largely fluctuate based on the size of your yard. Sprinkler systems are installed in zones. Zones consist of five to 10 sprinkler heads. Once the pipes are laid, adding zones is fairly easy and can be done at separate times. If an area is already plumbed, zones can be added as you need them or can afford them.

Of course, this price assumes that you hire a professional. Doing it yourself brings the cost down to around $1,500, but requires your time and manual labor. I have laid out all the steps in How To Install A Sprinkler System.

In the long run, a sprinkler system is cost-effective. It not only saves you time, but it can save a considerable amount of water because it regulates the duration and amount of water going into your landscaping.

Installing Sod

Since we are in the mindset of saving time, a great way to accelerate the growing process is by installing sod. Sod is basically squares of grass with roots in it. Therefore, it can be delivered to your home, just like a package, and installed exactly where you want it.

Like all landscaping projects, the average price to install sod depends on the size of your land and your climate. However, as our sod installation cost estimator dictates, homeowners can expect to pay $1,072 for such a project.

Please note that some sellers charge by the square foot and others charge by the actual tile of grass. Costs might include installation, and other times, it may be an additional expense. Before signing a contract, make sure you go over the contract and understand exactly what you are paying for.

Seed A Lawn

Seeding A Lawn

The average cost to seed a lawn is $1,302. The lowest amount paid to reseed a lawn was $50, while the highest amount was $3,700. Clearly, that is a wide range.

So why would you seed a lawn? If you want to change the look and feel of your landscape or need to repair a damaged portion of your yard, then you need to reseed it.

On top of size, the type of seed and grass can affect the overall price. Additionally, if your lawn is sloped, it will add to the difficulty of the project, which of course, drives up the price.

Some of the most common types of grass include fescue, Bermuda, wheatgrass, Bahia, clover grass or a mix of all. Tall fescue can withstand plenty of activity and grows well in cool areas. Grasses like Bahia and Bermuda prefer warmer conditions and are tolerant of dryer and even drought conditions. Make sure you discuss all the options, pros and cons with your landscaper before installation begins.

Maintaining A Lawn

Like any other home improvement project, the work does not stop after installation. However, unlike projects within the home, if you choose to ignore your landscape, everyone will notice.

Hiring a pro to handle weeds, trim trees and mow your lawn can be a good investment that doesn’t break the bank. If you went an all-inclusive route, most homeowners pay between $250 and $500 for lawn care maintenance. Of course, you could hire landscapers for individual projects as well. According to our data, mowing costs approximately $60, trimming around $200 and weeding between $12 and $40.

Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer

This is where you step up to the Big Leagues. Landscape designers are brought in to take your yard to the next level. Talented designers are able to identify the natural advantages of your specific plot and plan accordingly, blending cost-effective and benefit-rich elements that will ultimately enable you to recoup the design costs faster than you can imagine.

Nationally, the average price to hire a landscape designer is about $5,200. The range for most homeowners is between $4,200 and $6,200. However, the most in-depth projects may cost more than $10,000 to plan due to the significant number of variables at play.

For more info on why a professional landscape designer is worth the investment, please refer to our cost guide.


Any homeowner can install, update and maintain their landscape. If you’re willing to invest the time, then go at it without a professional. On the other hand, now that you have the average prices for the major landscaping projects, you have all the info you need to make a final decision.

If the time requirement is too much and you want a professional eye, let ImproveNet help you get in touch with up to four local landscapers. It’s always free to connect.

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