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How Stamped Concrete Can Help Curb Appeal

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By on Jun 29, 2017
How Stamped Concrete Can Help Curb Appeal

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Has your patio or walkway been looking a little drab? You can add flowers and lawn décor nearby or you can even try cleaning it. But still, it’s boring. Start fresh with stamped concrete.

With many varieties and shapes available, stamped concrete could be the answer to spice up your outdoor décor. You can add a unique feature to your landscaping and increase your ROI. See how stamped concrete can help boost your curb appeal.

For the best looking stamped concrete, it’s a good idea to leave it to the pros. Contact a masonry contractor today for up to four quotes from pros in your area, for free.

What Is Stamped Concrete

What Is Stamped Concrete?

If you’ve ever walked along a path and noticed the texture and shape, it’s likely you’re observing stamped concrete. The process of stamping concrete adds texture and pattern to the concrete. Often, it’s designed to resemble tile or stone, at a lesser cost. The texture aspect of stamped concrete is a good idea around pool decks and patios, to help prevent slips and falls.

If you already have a concrete path or patio and don’t want a complete replacement, a stamped concrete overlay can give you the same effect.

Stamped Concrete Costs

Stamped Concrete Cost

The cost of stamped concrete can vary greatly by the grade, finish and area you’re covering. The least expensive option will be one color and exposed aggregate. Additional customization options will increase the price. Here are a few of the average costs and factors of common places to stamp concrete.

Stamped Concrete Patio

If you want to dress up your patio for less, stamped concrete is the answer. While some wood and stone patios can be expensive, the average cost of a stamped concrete patio is between $8/sf and $20/sf.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

A stamped concrete walkway can be a welcoming addition to yard. You can add the impression of cobblestone, flagstone or even various colors. The minimum cost of a stamped concrete walkway is $6/sf and the maximum cost is $10/sf.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

A beautiful addition to the home, a stamped concrete driveway can add instant curb appeal. Consider replacing your old driveway with stamped concrete. The average cost for a concrete driveway is between $4/sf and $15/sf. The process of stamping and finishing will cost more.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Not only will stamped concrete add style, but the textured surface will add safety to avoid slips and falls. It’s an affordable alternative to natural stone patios or wood decks. The average cost of a stamped concrete pool deck is $12/sf. Additional features or texturing can increase this cost.

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How To Stamp Concrete

You may be wondering how this process actually works. First, you should know that stamping concrete is not a DIY project. It’s necessary to contact a masonry contractor who can do this job correctly. But, you can still better understand how the process is done to have the best results.

Of course, one of the largest parts of the job is placing the concrete into the walkway, driveway or patio. The surface must be perfectly level to stamp the concrete. Then, if chosen, color must be added to the concrete. There are a few ways to do this, through liquid and powder. Discuss your options with your contractor.

With a pre-designed stamp, pros will complete your desired pattern before the concrete dries. This could take some time to complete depending on the area and the type of pattern you’ve chosen. Once the stamping process is complete, the concrete is left to cure or dry. Once dry, the concrete will be sealed to complete the look of your stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped Concrete Patterns

When it comes to the design of your stamped concrete, the possibilities are endless. Often, stamped concrete is made to resemble another material, giving you the look you want for less. Rectangular cobblestone and various shapes can formed via stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete to resemble brick is another popular option. This can be cheaper than a brick walkway, as the average cost is between $8/sf and $18/sf.

However, not all stamped concrete patterns have to resemble something. With your contractor, decide what unique patterns might be a good fit for your patio or walkway.

Caring for Stamped Concrete

A concern many homeowners have when it comes to their new stamped concrete installation is care. Stamped concrete walkways are likely to develop additional cracks over time. These cracks can ruin the appearance of the intended style. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can patch the cracks, with an invisible epoxy.

Color may fade over time, but if you’re regular maintenance includes resealing, you shouldn’t run into a problem.

Caring for stamped concrete in the winter is important, as this is when the most damage could be done. Avoid using salt on stamped concrete, especially before the first year of installation. Never use steel shovels on stamped concrete as it can scratch the finish when it comes to removing snow.


Stamped concrete is a beautiful way to enhance your curb appeal. It will give you the best-looking driveway on the block and make your neighbors think twice about their current walkway design.

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