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How To Choose The Best Garage Door Style To Match Your Home

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By on May 23, 2016
How To Choose The Best Garage Door Style To Match Your Home

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If you’re concerned about your home’s curb appeal, take a look at your garage door for improvements. The garage door is a vital element of the home's external appearance. Modern garages are available in an almost infinite variation of colors and styles, so you’re able to customize the garage to the look of your home.

However, the number of choices homeowners can make in garage doors can make it difficult to choose the appropriate match for the home.  Here are a few ways to find and install the right garage door for your home.

Red Door Garage

Determine the Materials You Should Use

You should select garage door materials based on factors such as cost, design, maintenance and durability. Wood is the most commonly used material for garage doors because of its ability to withstand more damage and ability to be painted over, whereas metal doors tend to make dents and other types of damage more visible. However, the style of the home can greatly influence the type of materials used in garage door construction.

There are four main types of materials used for garage doors, each with different advantages:

1. Wood

Wood is the most traditional option, with many ways to customize these doors to meet nearly any style, shape and size specification. The main disadvantage of wood is the frequent maintenance that may be required, including staining and painting.

Certain options also include overlays that have the appearance of wood for additional protection. If you want the look of wood at a lower cost, you can install veneers and overlays that serve as effective substitutes.

2. Steel

Steel provides additional strength for garage doors, available in numerous color, finish and style options. While it’s tougher than other metals such as aluminum, it’s prone to denting, scratching and subsequently rusting over time.

3. Aluminum

Unlike steel, aluminum isn't quite as sturdy, but it’s available in many different styles, colors and designs with minimal maintenance required upon installation.

However, it makes up for its lack of durability with lightweight material that doesn't put as much stress on operating mechanisms, with generally simpler operation. It's also rustproof, which is ideal in areas with high humidity.

4. PVC & Fiberglass Overlays

Both of these materials are similar in their variability, with many choices in design and style. It's sturdier than metal and wood, but it's more vulnerable to cracks than either of those materials. Because it's not as widely used as other materials, it’s also more expensive than metal, but it can also cost less than wood doors.

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Finding the Most Suitable Garage Door Style

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Depending on both the home's style and the location, there are different garage door styles you can choose. To find the most compatible style, consider your home's architecture.

A traditional-style home may want to prevent the garage door from standing out, but more contemporary styles may want to implement a unique style with extra features that contribute to the home's overall design.

There are four main types of garage door styles you can select:

1. Contemporary Garage Doors

Modern garage doors typically offer homeowners the greatest amount of freedom in their design, giving them the opportunity to choose from different materials to help make them unique. Popular options for this garage door style include pebbled glass, frosted glass and stained wood.

2. Edwardian Garage Doors

This type of garage door often comes in sections or raised panels, with stylistic windows that typically work with the home's windows.

3. Victorian Garage Doors

Oftentimes, Victorian, Georgian or Colonial garage doors are made with paneled wood to create a stable or coach house look. They also include windows in many cases to help complement the home's windows. Handles and iron hinges are also often installed in these doors to make them unique.

4. 1950s Ranch Garage Doors

This garage door style is normally simplistic in design, with horizontal wood patterns. Homeowners can incorporate windows and hardware similar to other garage door styles.

Brown Garage Doors

Picking the Right Color For Your Garage Door

Color is as crucial to a garage door’s style. Depending on the material you’ve chosen, there may be a wide range of color selections to make your door unique and further complement your home's architectural style. The color of your garage door even has the ability to affect the home's overall value.

One common method of selecting the right color is by matching the home's window trim. Colors can also blend in with the home's siding. For a more sophisticated and bolder statement, you can make your garage door dark green or black. Red, brown and other warmer colors can enhance the home's overall richness.

A few common color choices for residential garage doors include:

  • Charcoal
  • Dark Sand
  • Evergreen
  • Heron Blue
  • Ice White
  • Desert Sand
  • Moka Brown

If you're unsure about which color is ideal for your garage doors, contact a pro who can help determine not only the right colors, but also the right styles that work best with your home.

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When working on your home's exterior design, the garage door can be as important as the rest of the home. There are many customizable options available for residential garage doors. With the increasing number of home styles, there are almost no limitations for garage door styles and colors.

With the help of experts, you can design a custom garage door that matches your home and balances functionality with visual appeal. If your garage door needs repair, there are plenty of experts in this area who can help you maintain your door, provide repainting or reparations for minor to major damage.

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