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How To Create A Welcoming Guest Room

By on Oct 21, 2016
How To Create A Welcoming Guest Room

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When you have visitors, the hope is that they find your home to be as comfortable as their own. Whether they are staying for one night of one week, it’s important to make them feel comfortable and cozy making sure needs are met so everyone has an enjoyable visit.

The guest room, large or small, will be their own retreat during their stay. Here are seven tips to welcome visitors into your home and create a memorable experience for everyone.

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Classic Bedroom Behr

1. Guest Room Paint Colors

We’ve mentioned before about the psychology of color in bathrooms and kitchens, but have you considered what impact the room color has on your guests. After all, travelling, near or far, puts a lot of mental stress on a visitor.  To create a welcoming guest room, start with a relaxing paint room to create an oasis for your guest.

Cool, pastel colors such as green, purple and blue are spa-like choices for the guest bedroom. Accent with gray or white to create an oasis a traveler can return to at the end of a long day. For example, Behr’s Bedroom Classic color scheme features a pastel purple with pops of green accents, making this the perfect place for anyone to get much needed rest and relaxation.

Beautiful Guest Room

2. Guest Room Decor

While you’d like your décor to be in your style, you’ll want to accommodate all tastes. Stay away from big, bold prints and stick with natural and neutral colors. Travel themed guest rooms are always a winning combination. You can show off some of your travel souvenirs that you’ve earned or show off local artwork. Choose accessories that are both functional and beautiful, like throw pillows and bowls for temporary storage.

One decorative element that is both fun and interactive is a map where visitors can mark where they are from, either with a pushpin or sticker. Not only is it fun to have a record of who you have hosted from where, but guests also get excited to represent their home city or country.

Guest Room Lighting

3. Consider Guest Room Lighting

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Many guest rooms tend to be spare rooms in the home, sometimes located in odd places like a basement or repurposed attic. However comfortable it may be, you’ll need to include proper lighting so your visitor can see and prepare for the day. Consider installing a new light fixture to improve brightness of the room.

If you already have a light but you’d still want to brighten up the guest room, mirrors can work wonders. Add a few to a wall or a big one on a blank wall to reflect the light in the space. Additionally, an extra mirror is a great perk for visitors.

Comfortable Pillows In Guest Room

4. Include Amenities

However, you welcome someone into your home, they will be grateful to see necessities like towels, soap and shampoo waiting for them when they arrive. Towels are a great thing to provide as many people don’t travel with them. Even if they have brought their own, they will appreciate the thought. Don’t forget an extra blanket for the bed and a few fluffy pillows for comfort. Consider electronic amenities too, like phone chargers and an iron that they may need to get their day started.

Guest Room Amenities

5. Stock Your Bookshelf

In the evening, when have downtime, they may want to relax for a bit. Provide books and magazines that can entertain them on their trip. If you love your area, it’s a good idea to provide any travel guides that can help them plan their trip.

If you don’t have a bookshelf in your guest room, try adding a few to a bedside table or desk, even as a decorative element.

6. Fresh Flowers

There’s something about walking into a room with fresh flowers that just makes it feel more like home. Flowers also help improve happiness and emotional health for those in the room. If possible, include a few flowers in the guest room. You can pick a few from the garden or a potted plant. Just remember to regularly change or water the flowers.

Neutral Guest Room

7. Go Above & Beyond

To really “wow” your guest, think about ways you can do a little extra to make their stay more comfortable. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Candy & Snacks

After a long day of travel, your guests may be hungry. Keep a bowl full of tasty treats like small candy, crackers, granola bars or cookies. It’s best to do non-perishable items in the guest room, just in case they spoil during your guests’ visit. If you’d like to provide fruits or vegetables, keep them in the kitchen and your visitors know they are welcome to it.


Among all the items travelers forget when packing, toothbrushes are at the top of the list. How often have you reached your destination and realized you forgot this small item at home in your medicine cabinet? Save your visitors the trouble of running out to grab a toothbrush by providing them one they can use during their stay.


Until your guests learn more about your home, provide them with a water bottle or glasses of water they can use during their stay. This amenity will be very appreciated by thirsty visitors.


If you’re welcoming anyone into your home, you’ll likely want them to be as comfortable as possible. Include amenities and a few extra items they may need to create a memorable stay for your guest, who will be grateful for your warm hospitality.

Do you have any tips on hosting visitors in your home? Share with us in the comments below!

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