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How To Create And Decorate A Breakfast Nook

By on Nov 6, 2016
How To Create And Decorate A Breakfast Nook

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There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee. This is a morning ritual of many, but few of us have a dedicated area to start the morning right. As someone who spent many years skipping breakfast, creating a morning routine in a space I love has changed that completely, where I look forward to enjoying my breakfast every morning.

A breakfast nook in your kitchen doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It can be a small corner that is fit for you. Change the way you wake up with these tips on how to create and decorate a breakfast nook.

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Pop Of Color In Breakfast Nook

Making Space For A Breakfast Nook

If you have a bit of extra space you’re unsure what to do with in your kitchen, a breakfast nook can be a creative way to use this space. You don’t need a large kitchen to make a breakfast nook work. Small kitchens can utilize spare counter space.

Breakfast Nook Furniture

The first question that may come to mind when planning your new breakfast nook is what sort of seating should you use. If space allows, a bench or booth is a perfect choice for your kitchen. The idea here is comfort. Adorn your bench seating with decorative pillows and cushions that will be a relaxing spot for your day to begin. I love smaller, circular tables here that keep breakfast casual and cozy.

If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen for bench seating, that’s OK. You can find a few comfortable stools and place them at the end of a counter to create your “nook.” Include some comfy pillows if your stools have back supports on them.

Modern Breakfast Nook

Coffee Corner

First things first, a cup of coffee is needed to start the day. If you’re having trouble incorporating a full breakfast nook in your kitchen, having a dedicated coffee corner is a great place to start. I love to have all my coffee accessories readily available in my breakfast nook. You can utilize a coffee table tray to organize and keep all your coffee condiments, such as sugar, syrup and spoons handy.

A functional and stylish design element you can incorporate here is to hang your favorite mugs above your coffee station with a rod and some metal hooks. Not only are they within reach when you need them, but it also makes a unique statement in the kitchen.

Rustic Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook Accessories

The fun part with including a breakfast nook in your kitchen is decorating it. You can always stick with your current kitchen design, but if you want to transition the space, you can think of a theme all its own. Here’s a few ideas to consider.

Farmhouse Style

If you love the classic farmhouse style look, incorporate it in your breakfast space. Think gingham plaid table cloths and white vases full of flowers greeting you in the morning. You’re guaranteed to start the day right in this space.

Modern Style

If you went with bench seating for your breakfast nook, this style will fit perfectly. Incorporate bright colored plates and napkins into your place. Consider including a contemporary light fixture above the table.

Rustic Style

Nothing welcomes a cozy, relaxing morning like a rustic theme. Incorporate elements of recycled wood throughout your décor. Include white ceramic bowls and pitchers. Also, a bowl of fresh fruit would not only add to the look, but is also a great part of your morning meal!

Colorful Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Ideas

Creating a space to enjoy breakfast can and should be enjoyed by many. If you plan to have guests over for breakfast or brunch, you’ll want to impress them with more than just décor. The meal is what everyone is looking forward to. If you have the time to cook, here’s a few breakfast dishes that are sure to impress your guests.

  • An egg frittata is simple and can please many. Mix in vegetables that everyone loves and bake in the oven.
  • Breakfast burritos allow everyone to customize what they’d like to eat. Scramble some eggs, cook bacon or sausage, slice some tomatoes, onions and other condiments that can be added.
  • Who doesn’t love a good pancake? It’s even better with toppings. Have a pancake bar full of everyone’s favorite treats to put on top, like chocolate chips, peanut butter, berry compote and powdered sugar.
  • As a side dish, a fruit salad is the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast dish, sweet or savory. Add your favorite fruits and toss together.


Everyone wants to start the day off right. A breakfast nook is the perfect addition to your kitchen and your morning routine.

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