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How To Create The Perfect Farmhouse Style Bathroom

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By Katie Carlson on Oct 21, 2016
How To Create The Perfect Farmhouse Style Bathroom

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I want you to take every stereotype you have about farmhouse bathrooms and throw them out the window. A farmhouse bathroom isn’t for everyone, but I want you to decide for yourself if it’s something that appeals to you after reading through this article and viewing the abundance of mix and match styles this design has to offer.

Creating a farmhouse bathroom is an exciting project because it encourages you to mix textures, personal style and special features, without too much trouble. Learn how to construct the perfect farmhouse bathroom by familiarizing yourself with the key interior design elements.  

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Farmhouse Style

Start by narrowing down the style you prefer for your farmhouse bathroom. You need a foundation and overall theme to jumpstart your project before you start decorating. For example, a contemporary farmhouse bathroom will look different than a country or rustic farmhouse. No matter what way you go, remember that it’s all about the details and individual pieces coming together to tell a story.

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse chic focuses on keeping the décor elegant and simple, but also includes a punch of farmhouse flair. This bathroom is the perfect example of chic, with a white color scheme, dark flooring, a corner window, custom mirror and bathtub. It proves there’s a way to integrate a farmhouse twist for just about everyone’s taste.

Framed Mirror

Farmhouse Mirror

One of the most important features of a farmhouse bathroom is installing the right mirror. It’s something that seems like a small detail, but it’s actually very significant to getting the right look down. A long, horizontal mirror with a wood frame is just one example of how to easily incorporate a farmhouse feel.

Round Mirror

In addition to a long, framed mirror, a round mirror with a wicker border will do the trick. Not only does it add an element of surprise, but it also serves as texture, and texture is always a good thing. Paired with the right vanity and countertop, you have a winning combination.  

Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Wall Décor

Picking your farmhouse wall décor is one of the best parts of creating a farmhouse bathroom. Floating shelves, ladder shelves, wicker baskets, quirky signs, plants and unique containers will make your bathroom come alive. Although you want to decorate with lots of different kinds of pieces, you don’t want to go overboard and create clutter in your bathroom, so be careful. Make it simple and organized and it’ll be attractive.

Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Design

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It’s easy to forget about installing the right floors when talking about designing a farmhouse bathroom. Failing to take the time to select the flooring color and material carefully is a big mistake. Large wood or tile planks and tile hexagons or multi-color squares are common farmhouse bathroom flooring styles. If you go dark with the floors, remember to incorporate lighter and earthier tones throughout the room. If you select tile, you should use your mirror and décor to work in wood accents.


Another awesome idea to incorporate in your farmhouse bathroom, in addition to flooring, is replicating the look of siding on your walls. The example above has all the right touches. The walls, wood, mirrors and lighting create a country, cozy bathroom that represents a well-designed farmhouse bathroom.

Bathroom Paint

Farmhouse Paint Colors

As I mentioned earlier, earthy tones and white accents are the type of paint colors you want to choose when decorating your farmhouse bathroom. I love the green pastel paint hue in the bathroom pictured above. It’s warm, inviting, soothing and compliments the white and light brown accents nicely. The bright natural light and gray painted bathroom make this bath simply stunning.

Farmhouse Vanity

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity & Sink

You’re probably thinking, that’s great, but what about the vanity and sink? Yes, you’re right. You can’t have a farmhouse bathroom without some country flair below your mirror. Use your vanity and sink to complement your personal style. Are you more vintage or rustic? Do you like a dark sink or eye-catching white?

Don’t forget to match your faucet to the style of sink. You’ll also want to pick a countertop that sets the tone for the overall theme. It doesn’t have to be wood, but it should work opposite the other features in the room and speak for itself.

Farmhouse Doors

Who doesn’t love a charming barn door? Oftentimes, we forget the impact a door has on you as you enter the room. The entrance should match what’s inside and separate surrounding rooms with style. The example pictured isn’t your only option for an entry. Doors with windows and swinging doors are also characteristics to consider including in your door design. If you’re someone who likes to DIY, building your very own barn door is easier than you might think. See how to design and install your own barn door.

Farmhouse Lights

Farmhouse Lights

Lighting is everything, especially in the bathroom! Since farmhouse style lighting is typically about the small lanterns and sconces, you should plan to layer your bathroom lighting to increase illumination. Recessed can lighting, windows and charming light fixtures will supplement the farmhouse lights and brighten your bathroom.


After learning all the possibilities, did you change your mind about how you feel about a farmhouse bathroom design? If you’re ready to make the change, use these tips to create the perfect farmhouse style bathroom in your home.

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