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How To Decorate A Kitchen Counter

By on Jul 1, 2016
How To Decorate A Kitchen Counter

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After putting thoughtful time into planning the perfect kitchen counter, the last thing you want is for it to go to waste. Kitchen counters have many functions, from food prep for an amazing dinner to being a decorative piece in your kitchen. So often, however, counters end up being a magnet for mail, school papers, knick-knacks and other items we don’t know what to do with.

There is an easy way to solve this problem. Decorate your countertop for function and create space for the things you love, while finding storage solutions for the items that don’t belong. If you want to love your kitchen again, these kitchen counter decorating ideas will help.

If you need help along the way, feel free to connect with kitchen contractors near you!

Modern Counter Design

Table of Contents

  1. Pick Your Theme
  2. Create Storage
  3. What Stays & What Goes
  4. Food On Display
  5. Add Decorative Lighting
  6. Create Defined Space
  7. Choose Your Accessories

Pick Your Theme

Before clearing your counter, take a step back. What do you see the area looking like? Is there a particular color scheme or theme you’d like to follow? Is there an existing decorative element already in your kitchen, like a pattern or finish, that you’d like to match? Here are a few popular kitchen themes:

  • Farmhouse decor themes work well with lighter colors and woods, with elements that look more rustic.
  • Industrial theme kitchens incorporate dark wood and metal, keeping an open feel throughout the kitchen.
  • Whimiscal and vintage themed kitchens will include many mix and match patterns, from floral to stripes, featuring decorative elements like tea cups and mason jars.
  • Contemporary kitchens typically have elements of sleek black and bold colors. Clean shapes and lines help define the space in these kitchens.

If you can identify the current theme of your kitchen, you have a great place to start when it comes to your kitchen counter décor. Create a plan around this idea as you begin to work.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Counter

Create Storage

Now that you have some direction in your countertop décor, begin to sort through what you already have. Begin with the objects that are not kitchen related. School papers, mail and other documents should be put in a space that is clearly defined in an office nook or a labeled folder. Knick-knacks and random objects should be put away in their appropriate places. A common drawer for many people is the “junk drawer” where tape, pennies, paper clips and other small objects end up. Though these drawers are easy, they cause confusion and clutter, and should be avoided.

Try using jars and canisters to organize any kitchen-related items like cooking utensils, non-perishable food or dog treats. There are so many styles, so try to find ones that match the style of the kitchen you have.

The key here is also to use the storage you have created! It’s easy to let the kitchen countertop become a place of clutter all over again. Create new habits and utilize storage to keep your countertop as the focal point of the kitchen. Repair any areas of the countertop that may be chipped or broken, to keep it functional and looking great.

Rustic Kitchen Decor

What Stays & What Goes

With a clean countertop, you can see what small kitchen appliances you already have. Items like blenders and food processors may not be needed as often. Decide what items can be stored in cabinets or shelving and what items can stay out displayed. If you use a small appliance frequently, don’t store it but incorporate it into your décor.

Maybe you’re looking at your small kitchen appliances and realize it’s time for an upgrade. You’re in luck. From coffee pots to toasters, all appliances now come in various colors and designs so you can perfectly fit them into your countertop décor.

Preserves and Plant Decor

Food On Display

Your counter décor should represent your interests, especially ones that are culinary. Fresh fruit in a decorative basket is always a great go-to for natural décor. Try using lemons, oranges or apples, something you eat regularly so you can keep it fully stocked. This will also provide you with a healthy option on the go!

Canned food also makes a unique way to show off your hobby. If you pickle or jam, display a few of your jars on your counter and have quick access to a snack.

If you have a habit of keeping bread on the counter, invest in a bread box to match your décor. An old, vintage one looks great in whimsical kitchens, while dark, wooden boxes are a perfect addition to a farm style theme.

If you’re a wine drinker, consider a small standing wine rack to display a few bottles and have it ready when guests come.

Wine Theme Counter Decor

Add Decorative Lighting

Who said stylish table lamps were just for the living room? Try adding a lamp to your countertop and instantly brighten up the space. You can find lamps that go along with your kitchen’s décor. These lamps can offer great, subtle lighting once the cooking is done.

If you want to put the focus of the kitchen on the countertop, try installing recessed lighting or undercabinet lighting, where appropriate, to really bring out your countertops and your counter décor.

Create Defined Space

The countertop's use is for function first, so you must make that clear in your décor. Create valuable cooking space using various cutting boards and hot pads to determine the area you’ll prepare food. If you intend on eating at the counter, put fabric placemats in the places you’ll be eating. For an extra touch, put out your place settings prior to the meal.

The more defined space you have on your counter, the more you’ll stay organized and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Simple Kitchen Design

Choose Your Accessories

This is the fun part! Choose what accessories you want to include in your counter décor. Fresh flowers are a classic touch to brighten up your kitchen. Various size decorative bowls and vases are great touches. Paper towel and napkin holders can often be found in various styles.

For the home chef, a really great addition is a cookbook stand. These come in plenty of shapes and colors to match your décor. Some even function as iPad stands for the e-recipe cook!


The kitchen is where everyone gathers. With a few easy ideas, you can have a kitchen counter that not only brings out the best of your kitchen, but functions to your family’s needs as well.

Do you have any kitchen counter decorating ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

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