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How To Decorate Your Bathroom Using Black & White

By Katie Carlson on Jun 6, 2016
How To Decorate Your Bathroom Using Black & White

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Deciding how to decorate or update your bathroom is a big decision! It’s one of the most used rooms in the home and contributes to the resale value of your property. When done correctly, black and white is a winning combination.

There are interior design tips that you need to know before starting such a project. If your bath is ready for a change, but you aren’t sure what to do, consider a design that combines black and white. In this article, I’ll discuss what elements and styles will look best when using black and white and how to create an end product you won’t regret. 

Neutral Bath

Incorporate Neutrals

The answer is, yes, you can incorporate additional hues with your black and white bathroom scheme. Sprinkling in neutral features or décor will soften the look of the space and make it feel warm and inviting. Off-whites and neutrals are a few options that are never going out of style. Install a neutral shower or bathtub, or use furniture and decorations, such as candles, to enhance and compliment what you already have going.

Black Mirror

Enhance Your Décor & Accessorize

Accessories aren’t just space fillers, they should be used to amplify and build upon your design foundation. Beautify, embellish and jazz up your space with pieces that speak for themselves and allow your bathroom to shine. A large, white and black framed mirror is a great way to make a statement without it looking like you’re trying too hard.

It’s important to pay attention to the details such as placement and texture. You should work to create balance and harmony and avoid overcrowding or overdoing your décor. At the end of the day, go with pieces that make you excited to spend time in the space.  

Shower Curtain

A black and white shower curtain is one way to add a little bit of style and character to your bathroom without spending a lot of money. Shower curtains don’t have to be plain and boring. There are inexpensive shower curtains with amazing designs that’ll turn your bathroom up a notch. Who would have thought something as simple and inexpensive as a shower curtain could be such a wow factor?

Tile Backsplash

Install A Tile Backsplash

Who doesn’t love to include beautiful tile work in their home? One idea for your bathroom is to install either a black and white tile backsplash or shower design. A backsplash can take up an entire wall or just act as a border above your sink. There are many different shapes and tile sizes to choose from, so don’t feel like the example that’s pictured is your only option.

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A backsplash is a practical way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Squares and rectangles are common backsplash shapes, and subway tile is a clean and classic style for any bathroom. You have the option of installing the tiles horizontally or vertically. If you’re thinking you want something funkier, search for unique shapes like an octagonal or a creative mosaic design. 

Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Mixing and matching is not only acceptable in today’s home design trends, but it’s also a more common practice than you may think. Combining materials and incorporating various patterns and designs are just a few ways homeowners are revitalizing their bathrooms.

The example above uses many different shapes and arrangements, but it all comes together to form a unique and chic appearance. The tiles, patterns and florals compliment and play off of each other to create texture and elegance.

Subway Tile

If you’re still not sure how you feel about the mixing and matching trend then, take a look at this second example which is the same idea but with a twist. There are several different materials, shades and contrasting elements included in this bathroom, but there’s enough of the right things to not make it look too off-the-wall.

Add A Vibrant Accent Color

Even though this article is about how to decorate with black and white, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t highly consider mixing in an accent color or two. Gold and red are a couple of favorites amongst interior designers. Painting an accent wall will also help you create color flow. If you're looking to add the finishing touches to your bathroom, but can't figure out what the missing aesthetic piece is, it may be an accent color.

White Vanity

Black or White Vanity

As I mentioned above, your bathroom doesn’t need to be completely stark white. Neutrals, creams and off-whites are very attractive colors that you have the option of including in your white foundation. Installing a white vanity or painting over your old one not only makes sense for your theme, but it’ll brighten up the room a lot. Don’t forget to update your hardware at the same time you refresh your vanity.

Black Vanity

There're probably many of you out there who like to be a little more bold and dramatic in your home design, and that’s okay. If this is you, then a black vanity is a great option for your bath. To avoid your bathroom looking too dark, pair it with white countertops and surroundings. A black vanity will not only give your bathroom that wow factor, but it’ll create a focal point for the eye to be drawn to when entering the room.

Floor Design

Work the Colors into Your Floor Design

I’m sure the question of flooring has been in the back of your mind as you read through these tips for decorating your bathroom in black and white. Well, you’re in luck because it’s definitely a feature you want to give attention to and work into your overall plan.

Below is a short list of floor design ideas to consider in your black and white bathroom.

  • Classic checkerboard
  • Patterned tiles
  • Diamond floor
  • Small and large tiles
  • Stripes
  • A rug


If your bathroom is ready for a change, then a black and white color scheme is an excellent option for your home. Be sure to include some of these tips if you’re headed in this direction. It sounds like a simple design, but there’s definitely some planning and finessing that must be done to get the look right.

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