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How To Keep Mildew From Coming Back In Your Bathroom

By on Feb 9, 2016
How To Keep Mildew From Coming Back In Your Bathroom

The number one problem associated with mold or mildew is lack of ventilation. Bathrooms naturally generate a lot of moisture that clings to the ceiling and walls unless it is quickly vented following a bath or shower. Warm air and moisture are perfect conditions for mildew, mold and who knows what else. 

Bathroom Fan

If you don't have a bathroom vent, put one in. They have virtually become the industry standard when renovating. Whether replacing an older existing one or adding a brand new model, it's much less expensive than potential repairs to the walls, ceiling and possibly even the house structure. Be sure to vent the air to the outside, not into the attic, where the moisture will only generate new problems. 

Open Windows

Open windows also help prevent mold in the bathroom. An open window will remove moisture, but not as effectively as a vent. If a vent is out of the question for the time being, wipe everything down after a shower or bath. Use a squeegee to wipe down the shower walls, and sponge off the shower door or curtain. You can use a variety of sprays to kill mildew while cleaning the walls.

Check Plumbing

Keep an eye out for leaking plumbing, whether it’s the faucets or the shower head. Leaking water can lead to standing water or humidity in the bathroom. Over time, this can lead to mildew or mold in the bathroom. If you take these precautions and still start to get a musty smell in the bathroom, there might be a leak in the plumbing underneath the sink or the bathtub, causing mold to form. You will need to call a plumbing professional in this case.

Other Ways to Prevent Mildew

Other steps to take include cleaning the underside of the bathroom mat on occasion, as this is another area where mildew can build up over time. Don’t leave wet towels or washrags on the floor. Regularly clean the tiles in the bathtub as well, to keep the area clean and prevent buildup of dirt that can lead to mildew. 


Mildew or mold in the bathroom is a very serious manner. Fortunately, the above steps are not only easy, but inexpensive solutions to a pricey mold removal bill.

For more cleaning tips, please see Preventing Mold In Your Home.

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