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By on Feb 19, 2018
How To Makeover Your Fireplace

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Walk into any room with a fireplace and your eye will quickly be drawn to it. As such a large feature, it becomes a natural focal point. But if your fireplace is looking a little out-of-date, it's time to redecorate.

Making over your fireplace is an easy way to improve the look of the room. There are many versatile ways you can do so, however, it’s important to keep fire safety at the forefront. Here are a few ideas to help you makeover your fireplace.

Before you begin decorating, you’ll want to make any repairs to your fireplace that are necessary. Contact a masonry pro today for quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

Budget-Friendly Fireplace Décor Ideas

When it comes to fireplace décor, the good news is that some of the best updates you can make are affordable. “Some budget-friendly ways to makeover a fireplace can include painting or repainting the brick surrounding your fireplace, installing fireplace glass doors, replacing your traditional fireplace with a fireplace insert or simply keeping up with seasonal décor on your mantel,” Dave Cook said, Feldco Windows Siding and Door spokesperson.

Here are a few fireplace décor ideas that can help change your look:

  • Painting Your Fireplace
  • Fireplace Mantel Décor
  • Decorative Fireplace Screens
  • Décor Around The Fireplace
  • Remodeling A Fireplace

Fireplace Safety

One of the biggest factors in fireplace décor is safety. After all, if you have a functional fireplace, it’s likely it will be in use throughout the year. Never use any flammable objects to decorate a mantle or around a fireplace. You should never hang decorations below the mantle and over the hearth; this is a major safety hazard. Avoid using any plastic decorations too close to the fireplace as well as the heat can cause it to melt.

Cook advises that another important safety feature is how the fireplace functions. “Safety should always be the number one priority when dealing with your fireplace,” he said. “If you’re making over an old fireplace, be sure that all parts are in proper working condition, such as the damper and liner, and, as we mentioned, the chimney is cleaned if you’re using a traditional style fireplace. Another good measure to take is to have your fireplace inspected before you start using it each year.”

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Paint Your Fireplace

If you have an old, brick fireplace, one of the best ways to make it over is with paint. This is a DIY project you can complete in a few days. However, be sure that painting is the right decision for your room, as removing paint from brick can be a difficult process. Read How To Paint A Brick Fireplace to see how you can DIY this project.

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

When homeowners think of budget-friendly ways to redecorate their fireplaces, they often turn to the mantel. It’s easy to change up your décor depending on the season or your taste. Candles are a popular choice for mantel décor. Arrange them in sets of three with beautiful candlesticks to reflect the rooms décor.

I also love the idea of hanging a mirror above the mantel. It helps to brighten the room and reflect the light from the fire. There are plenty of large, decorative mirrors that can flow seamlessly with the décor you already have.

Decorative Fireplace Screens

Decorative Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are both functional and beautiful. While most homeowners opt for a simple black screen to keep ash and embers from flying into the room, you can spice things up by picking out a stylish screen. Small, decorative fireplace screens in various patterns can help to keep your home safe while adding a unique feature to your fireplace. As warm metallics are a hot trend this year, you may want to consider a gold or bronze screen for your fireplace.

Decorating Around A Fireplace

If the fireplace is what draws your eye in the room, the décor around your fireplace should not only be eye-catching, but it should also match seamlessly with the rest of the room. The wrong fireplace décor will take away from your overall style.

“When making over your fireplace, you need to make sure it flows well with the rest of the room,” Cook said. “Although in most cases, you want the fireplace to be the focal design point, you don’t want it to drown out the room. It should fit in seamlessly and not take away from your other design elements when not in use. Only when using your fireplace should it capture everyone’s attention as soon as they walk in.”

Cost To Remodel A Fireplace

Cost To Remodel A Fireplace

In some cases, simply redecorating will not change the appearance of an old fireplace. You’ll need to remodel the fireplace for any big changes you may want to make. It’s a worthwhile investment if your fireplace needs major repairs or you want a completely new look. The average cost of a fireplace remodel starts at $390 and can be as high as $2,000, depending on the type of work you want done.


From living rooms to bedrooms, the fireplace is a focal point that stands out when you enter. Make sure it draws the eye to something beautifully decorated instead of an out-of-date statement with a few helpful and affordable fireplace decorating ideas.

Looking for more ways to dress up your fireplace? Read Out-Of-The-Box Fireplace Ideas For Your Home.

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