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How To Wrap The Perfect Present

By on Dec 12, 2016
How To Wrap The Perfect Present

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Don’t you just love finding the perfect gift on a loved one’s wish list? It might be an easy find or you may have to search through many stores When you have it, the job isn’t over yet. To truly bring a smile to their face, you’ll want the wrapping to match the great gift.

If you’re anything like me, finding the gift has always been the easy part. Wrapping was an entirely different challenge, especially if the item was an odd size. But, I learned a few gift-wrapping tips to impress and it’s a task I enjoy doing. Here’s a few gift-wrapping secrets to wrap the perfect present every time.

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Gifts With Bows

1. Create & Organize Your Space

Before you break out the wrapping paper and tape, consider the area you’ll be using to wrap gifts. If you’re lucky enough to have a craft area in your home, this could be the perfect place. Otherwise, a large table or floor will do. My recommendation is to never try wrapping gifts without a large surface, this includes a couch or armchair. You need enough room to spread the wrapping paper out evenly.

Since you’ll be working with tape and other materials dust and dirt can cling to, you’ll want to clean the area completely. This is especially true if you’ve designated the floor as your workspace. Sweep or vacuum the area. Another great tip that I’ve utilized is to wrap the gift as soon as you get it. This avoids any hurry if you tend to wrap too close to the event and can allow for more focus on the presentation.

Wrapping Supplies

2. Select Your Supplies

When it comes to wrapping gifts, you must have great gift wrap! Feel free to get creative and find a pattern you love. Be careful to not go with the cheapest wrapping paper you find. Those tend to tear more easily as you begin to wrap your present compared to others.

If you’re looking for the latest trends, floral, metallic and brown paper are hot right now. However, if you’re focusing on eco-friendly options, look for wrapping made from recycled paper. They come in many different colors and patterns, but tend to be a bit more costly than other options. Finally, don’t forget quality tape and scissors!

Christmas Gift With Bow

3. Begin Wrapping

Now that you’ve prepared your space and supplies, you can begin wrapping your gifts. In this scenario, we’ll be referencing a square or rectangular gift. Begin by unrolling your gift wrap slightly with the pattern side down. Place your gift near the edge of what you’ve just unrolled, so there’s enough to reach to the middle of the gift. Next, take a piece of tape and tape the gift wrap to the box.

Cut the paper from the roll and meet with the gift wrap you’ve tapped on the box. Fold the end evenly to create an even edge and tape to the gift.

4. The Art Of Folding

If it all seemed easy from here, folding is where many of us go wrong. Choose one side to start. Push sides inward to create two triangles. Tape these inward sides to the box. Fold these triangle tabs tight and tape down, careful not to tear. If you want to create a seamless edge, tuck the end in to create a straight line. Repeat this step on the other side of the gift.

Chalkboard Paint Paper

5. Add Details

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Now, your gift may look finished but when it comes to the perfect present, it takes more than just wrapping. The details are what truly makes your gift perfectly presentable. Ribbon is a quick and easy way to dress up your gift. Cut a long piece of ribbon to go around the gift twice. Place the ribbon under the gift and wrap around one side. When you reach the middle, take each end and go a different direction, meeting back in the middle and tying a simple bow.

If you don’t have any ribbon available, try adding stickers and gift tags. A unique idea that will surely have everyone talking is adding a splash of chalkboard paint to your wrapping as the name tag. This works best if you have a matte gift wrap already and should be done before you wrap the present. You can see a full tutorial from Make The Best Of Everything.

Christmas Gift Under Tree

6. Odd-Shaped Gifts

Unfortunately, not all gifts are as straightforward, such as a coffee mug, jewelry or a DIY creation. If possible, place your gift in a box of some sort and then wrap from there. Kraft paper is a bit more flexible when it comes to wrapping gifts and could be a great solution for those items that might not fit in a box. If all else fails, there’s never a problem with a giftbag!

Little Details In Giftwrap


If you’re attending a holiday event or birthday party, having a neatly wrapped gift is a necessity. You can impress all with a few of these gifts to wrap the perfect present.

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