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How Your Bathroom Can Sell Your House

By on Apr 1, 2016
How Your Bathroom Can Sell Your House

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Selling your house is a stressful process. Having people coming in and out any time of day to view your living space means you have to stay on top of cleaning and staging your home.

The bathroom can be one of the biggest selling points of a home because everyone will use it. You don’t need a complete bathroom remodel to let the future buyer see the potential of your bathroom. With a few simple tricks, you can create a luxurious bathroom to sell your home.

Start With A Clean Slate

Bathrooms, big or small, need a thorough cleaning before any potential homebuyer enters. Buyers want to see a like-new bathroom. Take the time to clean even the smallest areas of your bathroom such as the drains, corners and grout.

Instead of spending money on harsh cleaning supplies, there are many ways you can clean the bathroom using items around your house. For example, remove residue from the shower head using a bag and white vinegar.

Now is a great time to go through the bottles of bath products your family owns. Get rid of any empty containers or old products and leave only what you’ll need. Organize what’s left in shower caddies and cabinets. Remember potential buyers may take a peek into the bathroom cabinets to see the size, condition and space. Any medications or other items you may not want seen should be stored someplace convenient only to you.

The last thing a buyer wants to see is any plumbing issues. You'll also want to make any minor repairs to leaky faucets or clogged drains. For bigger issues, contact a pro and get them fixed right away.  

Neutral Walls

Ready Your Walls

Your walls say a lot about the condition of the bathroom. Is the color outdated? Is there wallpaper peeling anywhere? Are all of the tiles still on the wall? This is what a potential buyer notices as they enter.

Make sure your bathroom looks up to date. Remove any peeling or outdated wallpaper and instead, paint with neutral or light colors, such as a pastel blue or green. These colors will give the new homeowner the ability to envision what they would like to see in their bathroom.

Hang mirrors in areas to reflect the light in the room. For smaller bathrooms, this will create the illusion of space. When choosing artwork, use abstracts, still life or landscapes to add decoration and allow the buyer to see the potential.

Shower Styling

Showoff Your Shower

When it comes to shower look and feel, remove the dated plastic curtain you’ve had for the last 10 years and replace it with a fabric one. A neutral, fabric shower curtain is the way to go and waffle texture will add sophistication. When potential buyers arrive, make sure the curtain is pulled back a little so they can easily see inside the shower.

Speaking of the inside of the shower, have you inspected the current condition? One of the most refreshing things you can do to your bathroom is re-caulking the tub. Over time, caulk tends to yellow and mildew forms. This isn’t appealing for anyone looking in your shower. Thankfully, removing replacing the caulk is easy and budget-friendly to DIY.

You’ll also want to replace the shower liner, as they can tend to hold mold after a few months. If you have a glass shower door, give it a good cleaning with a 1-part vinegar, 1-part dish soap and 1-part hot water solution and wash away with a scrub brush. This will take off any existing stains or built up scum.


Stage Your Countertop

Bring your bathroom back to life with updated accessories. Ditch the old, outdated soap pumps and replace them with neutral dispensers and holders. Glass is another great, modern-looking option that will work well in any bathroom.

Get rid of any unnecessary items on the countertop and store any hairdryers, razors or other personal products. Bathroom countertops never seem to be big enough, so cleaning up the area will create the illusion of space for the potential buyer.

As a bonus, you can create a feeling of luxury with a basket of spa items. Include body scrubs, bubble baths and plush-looking towels. The buyer will see the items and associate your bathroom with a space to relax.


Freshen Up Your Towels

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What towels are you placing in your bathroom? Do you have old, stained towels hung up from the last shower? Now is the time to invest in a simple upgrade that will benefit your family and the buyer. Purchase soft, thick and textured towels, preferably in a white or neutral color. As tempting as it is to use these new towels right away, save the fresh look for the potential buyer.

Once you have made the upgrade, get creative! You can layer the towels across a bar with smaller towels on top of larger towels. Include some triangular folded wash cloths in the spa basket if you choose to create one. For a splash of color, you could include colored hand towels.


Don’t Forget Your Toilet

After you have given your toilet a thorough cleaning, you'll want to stage it just like the rest of the bathroom. Remove any toilet covers that are old or dirty. If you have a dated, colored or stained toilet, it might be time to upgrade to a plain white one. The average cost of a toilet installation is between $310 and $438, but it can be done as a DIY project. This is a worthwhile investment, as the toilet can easily be an indicator of the age and wear of the room.

Leave the space free from clutter, removing any plungers or toilet bowl cleaners from the area and putting them in a closet nearby. Decorate with a candle close by or some flowers.

Unique Bathroom Ideas


The bathroom can make or break your home sale. Buyers are looking for a clean and tidy space that will give them a place to escape from it all. By putting in the work and paying attention to the little details, a beautiful bathroom can be the key to help sell your home.

Need more than just a few touch-ups in the bathroom? Call a pro and get started on your bathroom remodel.

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