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Hurricane Preparedness Guide

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need to be prepared long before hurricane season starts. Here's the information you need to know to keep your home and family safe.

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Homeowners who live in Hurricane Country know that preparing a home for the storm is one of the best ways that they can protect their investment. Since most houses in the possible storm zone aren’t hurricane-proof homes, all homeowners should take the time to prepare a list of things they can do to get ready for the winds and rain that come with the storm.

One way to prepare for a hurricane is to install rolling shutters. Get quotes from window contractors today.

How Do You Prepare For A Hurricane?

One thing that most people don’t realize is that you don’t have to wait until you’re under an active hurricane warning or watch to start preparations. Many tasks can be done well in advance of hurricane season so you only have to worry about things that must be done at the last minute if a hurricane is heading toward your home.

Now is the time to set up your hurricane evacuation plan. This includes making a list of the safety precautions for hurricanes that you can utilize if the storm is coming and you have to leave. Consider adding these items to your hurricane supply list for evacuations:

  • Cash, in case power is out and card readers don’t work
  • Your driver’s license or photo identification
  • Copies of important documents like birth certificates and medical records
  • Copies of home, vehicle, life, and medical insurance cards
  • Medications to last the duration of the evacuation
  • Durable medical equipment that needs to go with you
  • Family heirlooms that can’t be replaced
  • List of all valuable items in the home and proof of purchase or ownership
  • Pets and pet supplies
  • Emergency kit for your vehicle with supplies like flashlights and phone chargers

Hurricane Preparation For Indoors

The preparation for the interior of your home depends on several factors, including the possibility of flooding and what items you need to preserve. More than likely, power will be out for a while after the storm. This means you either need to install a generator or need to get the house ready for the power outage. You can use battery-operated lights to see in the dark. You may have emergency lighting installed by a professional so it can illuminate the home during the outage.

When flooding is expected to be light, sandbags might be helpful in keeping the water out. You can place these outside doors. Some individuals opt to put a set inside as well to add more protection. While these are helpful in some instances, they won’t do much if the hurricane is leaving inches of rain in its path.

Electronics should be unplugged and placed as high as possible to minimize the chance of them coming into contact with floodwaters. You may also need to move furniture and other similar items to the higher levels of the home. Anything that’s irreplaceable, such as photo albums or heirlooms, should be protected against the elements or removed from the home and taken to an area that won’t be hit by the hurricane.

Hurricane Supply List For Outdoors

Preparing the yard is important for hurricanes. You need to think about how to get the area ready for floods and winds. Secure loose items that might be blown around. This includes taking down trampolines or securing them to the ground with special stakes. While you might not be able to remove swing sets, you can take the swings and other components off the frame so they don’t blow around.

Bring items inside a building, such as a shed or storage building, if possible. The fewer things you have blowing around the yard, the better. Gardening tools, lawnmowers, barbecue grills, and similar items can all be tossed around by hurricane-force winds.

You should also have a professional inspect the roof to determine if there are any weak areas or loose shingles that need to be secured before the storm. It might also be helpful to have the trees trimmed and anything that’s unstable or loose, such as antenna towers, taken down.

Hurricane Safety Kit For Windows

The windows of a home are a big safety risk because flying objects can shatter the glass. The winds can also make the panes bend to the point of breaking. Some individuals choose to use plywood or tape on the windows. This can be time-consuming for people who own homes with large or numerous windows.

One option you might utilize is shuttering. These provide an easy way to get the windows covered without having to go through the process of nailing on boards or taping windows. You have to think about what type of shutters you’ll need for your home.

  • Removable: These shutters hang on special brackets when they’re being used, but you can take them off for storage when they aren’t needed. This means the shutters won’t impact the outward look of your home unless you have them hanging for a storm.
  • Swinging: These shutters are on hinges that allow you to open and close them at will. They are on the sides of the window when they are open and are latched shut for a hurricane.
  • Roll up: These shutters are similar to a garage door. They roll up into a special compartment when there isn’t a storm coming, and you can lower them to secure the windows when a hurricane is imminent.

Prepare Your Home For Hurricanes

It’s best to get your home ready for hurricanes before a storm is coming. Contacting the contractors who can help you learn how to prepare for a hurricane now is beneficial. Whether you need to get quotes from a professional who can install rolling shutters or get a roof inspection done, ImproveNet has the tools to help you get started today.

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