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IKEA Kitchen Ideas & Tips For Renovation

By on Jan 13, 2016
IKEA Kitchen Ideas & Tips For Renovation

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Thanks to furniture stores like IKEA, remodeling or renovating the kitchen is easier than ever. While Ikea is certainly not Crate & Barrel or Bloomingdales, it does showcase more kitchen items than you ever though imaginable. Yes, you may have to do some of the legwork and actually put that Ikea kitchen table together, but just like life, anything worth having takes work. 

Below is a basic guide to get you through your IKEA kitchen renovation and a few ideas to take your kitchen remodel to the next level.

Objectives & Budget

The first step in renovating your kitchen with the help of IKEA is deciding what your objectives are. Renovations can run the gamut from replacing a few accessories to gutting the entire kitchen and starting from scratch. List out all the things you want to accomplish as well as your budget, and then decide what is most important. Some of the most common things to include in your kitchen renovation are the following: appliances, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring.

Kitchen Design

IKEA Kitchen Design

As time has evolved, so has kitchen design software and fortunately, IKEA remains at the forefront of the technology. With their 3D Kitchen Planner, you can map out renovations using the dimensions and measurements from your own kitchen. Even better, you can literally design your own kitchen, place your new IKEA kitchen table in that corner, choose your new cabinet colors and so much more. Once you have the perfect setup, you can easily and quickly print out a list of what you need as well as the final price tag. Other than hiring an interior designer, it is the closest visual you will get to your future kitchen.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Before you really get into the design, you have to know what you have available. Starting with their kitchen cabinets, at any given time, IKEA only offers about two dozen different door styles, which are the easiest and most effective way to go. Luckily, their cabinets are simple to start out with, so you can configure and design them any which way you want. Like many IKEA products, their cabinets are cheaper, as they are made from medium density fiberboard. Nonetheless, you can expect the total price to be far less than the average kitchen cabinet installation.

According to a former IKEA employee, IKEA’s kitchen cabinets are under warranty for 25 years. You heard that right, do don’t lose that receipt. Also, rather than picking up yourself and buying in the store, get it delivered. This puts all the responsibility on them in case something goes missing. Delivery generally takes 7-10 days.

Kitchen Cabinets

IKEA Kitchen Counters

Much like their cabinet, IKEA has plenty of counter options to choose from including quartz, wood, acrylic, laminate, and stone. Needless to say, their best quality is the low price, but like all types of counters, they each have their own pros and cons.

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When it comes to durability, quartz is one of the best. It does not chip and maintenance is relatively low. Furthermore, no two pieces of quartz are exactly alike so you can be unique as you wish. Many people say the only con is the price but when you shop at IKEA, price is rarely the con.

Wood gives your kitchen that rustic touch so many of us desire. While prone to scratches, the surface can be sanded down to hold that new look and feel. Nevertheless, wood does require more maintenance. They must be cleaned quite often. Nonetheless, wood is cheaper than quartz.

Acrylic and laminate counters are not as prominent as they once were, but still have a place in kitchen across the country. They are both on the inexpensive end of the countertop spectrum, but sacrifice on the durability and design front. If you have the money to spend, we would recommend choosing another countertop material.

Finally, stone counters are great for those looking for a terrific design and hard counter material. It offers a traditional look so many of us desire, but can also be cut and designed however you see fit (it not buying pre-made).

IKEA Kitchen Sink

IKEA’s kitchen sinks do not offer the flexibility and variety in design as your more classic sink manufacturer’s, but their prices can not be beat. Taking a quick glance at their sink lineup, no sink cost more than $320. However, sinks are not easy to install and as such, many homeowners, even if they do buy from IKEA, have a pro install it. If you do, the price can increase quite a bit.

Kitchen Ideas

Buy All at Once

Now that you have gone through the major sections of your kitchen, designed it all, it’s time to pay. With a list of everything you will need for renovation, the physical act of shopping for supplies shouldn't be difficult. Many of the bigger items, such as cabinetry and appliances, will be in a connected warehouse at IKEA.

Delivery & Installation

Here is the step where the prices can vary significantly depending on your time, patience and familiarity with DIY projects. Even if you leave the store well under your kitchen renovation budget, you shouldn't forget about the costs of labor.

Delivery may cost a few hundred dollars, but as I discussed earlier, it’s well worth it.

If you want to have things like cabinets professionally installed, the labor can often cost up to one-third of the price of your store purchases, pushing a $7,000 kitchen well up over $10,000.


Putting together an IKEA kitchen takes time. While the overall price will undoubtedly be cheaper compared to other outlets, the work and time to complete may be extensive. As such, have patience and enjoy your new IKEA kitchen.

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