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Improve Your Math Skills at Home

By on Dec 19, 2017

There are lots of easy and fun ways to work on improving your math skills at home. The internet provides a wealth of resources for today's students, from online lessons and worksheets to interactive games and videos. While learning is the most important goal with these online math resources, it's also important to have fun while doing it, or else you won't want to bother.

Math games are a great way to improve your skills at home, better preparing you to do well in school. These games are a fun and relaxing way to challenge yourself but build real-life math skills as you play. There are games for students with all sorts of interests, including games based on outer space, race cars, pirates, and sports, just to name a few. Many students find the interactive approach to games helpful, as controlling a game is an engaging, attention-grabbing experience that teaches a concept through doing, not just reading or listening. Many of these games focus on basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; others explore concepts like fractions and decimals. Even the "easy" skills are important! Keeping your math skills fresh by brushing up on arithmetic will be helpful when it comes to more difficult mathematics later on, such as high school subjects like algebra and geometry.

Beyond games, there are lots of other resources online to build math skills. There are numerous websites that provide free worksheet samples and print-outs. Many teachers use worksheets in the classroom, but students can also use them on their own at home to challenge themselves to complete math problems quickly. Set a timer and challenge yourself to finish the sheet before the time runs out! Speed drills with worksheets are a great way to memorize basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. For a bigger challenge, find worksheets that test your knowledge of long division, multi-digit multiplication, fractions, and decimals. Exercising your brain with worksheets can be a great warm-up to another type of math challenge: word problems. Don't be afraid to take your time on these! Word problems can be tricky, but they are a great way to apply mathematics to the "real world." For example, word problems can demonstrate how to use cooking to understand fractions, how money and shopping can help make sense of decimals and percentages, or how area and perimeter can be used for home improvement projects. Think of word problems as a puzzle to solve and they can be fun, too!

There are lots of useful websites that host videos, podcasts, and written lessons that explain complex concepts in a simple, direct way. If you're struggling to understand something in math class, you're certain to be able to find a helpful explanation online. Everyone learns differently, and the lessons you can find on the Internet are there to help. For students who prefer to learn by listening, there are podcasts that explain tough ideas in a way anyone can understand. For those who enjoy learning by watching, videos are particularly useful for visualizing the math and demonstrating how to apply what you have learned to real-life situations.

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