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ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: February 2019

By on Feb 25, 2019
ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: February 2019

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This month has been a cold one for many across the country. The Midwest saw freezing temperatures, in fact in some areas record lows. If you’ve been doing your best to stay indoors away from the frigid cold this season, you might’ve noticed a few areas you want to tidy up come springtime.

From ideas to improve your man cave to ways you can make your bathroom safe for all, we’ve covered a lot of topics this month. Here are a few you should take a look at from February 2019.

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Preparing For The 2019 Polar Vortex

It was one of the biggest headlines for the first week of February, there was a Polar Vortex bringing temperatures that would feel like -60 degrees in some areas. Many were concerned about their safety, as well as how they’d keep their home comfortable as they waited out the extreme weather. In this article, I shared information on how you can prevent frozen pipes and take care of your home, which can be used all winter. Read more about the 2019 Polar Vortex.

Video: Man Cave Ideas

Having a space for all in your home is important. However, discovering what that looks like for each family member can be tricky. This month, our ImproveNet editorial team sat down to discuss man caves and share a few thoughts on what can work for you. Watch the video now.

Remodeling A Bathroom For Accessibility

Did you know that now more than ever, homeowners are opting to age in place rather than move? This means that significant changes must be made in the home to make it safe and comfortable. When talking about accessibility, often the focus is on the bathroom where slips and falls are the most common. Grab bars, and barrier-free showers are all standard amenities in accessible bathrooms that now have the ability to match your style.

These days, grab bars are as stylish as any other bathroom hardware,” Emily Hoefler, kitchen and bath designer at Renovations Group Inc., said. “and can coordinate with your plumbing fixtures. Having these features in place in a bathroom prepare you the possibility of needing accessibility while also adding style to your bathroom remodel.”

See the article for more accessible bathroom upgrades.

Top 10 Kitchen Sinks

Have you been shopping for the best kitchen sink? We’ve created a short guide to help you find the perfect sink for your kitchen remodel. From a stylish farmhouse sink to the best deep kitchen sink, see our favorites.

Video: Top Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Planning a kitchen remodel? You’ll want to be aware of all the various costs associated with this big project. While some parts you can DIY, other times, you may want to account for the cost of a pro. Take a look at this short video to give you an idea of top kitchen projects and their costs.

What To Look For In March 2019

Next month, keep an eye out for more home topics you can use. We’ll be getting ready for spring with a guide on how you can start compositing as well as a few budget-friendly kitchen upgrades you can make. Stay tuned!

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