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ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: July 2017

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By on Jul 31, 2017
ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: July 2017

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Summer is heating up and so are home improvement projects across the nation. Maybe you’ve missed a few of our articles this month as you’re keeping busy and enjoying the sunshine. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing ImproveNet’s monthly roundup series, where we bring you the top stories of the month so you can be sure you didn’t miss a thing! See our top five stories from July 2017.

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Seasonal Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Décor Ideas For Every Season

Do you love to change up your home décor? The kitchen is one room in the home where you can play with versatile and functional decorations. While some kitchen décor is permanent, items like kitchen wall décor, towels and countertop decorations are easily changed. You can even DIY some of these projects!

We have the inspiration you need to get started. Read more here.

ImproveNet Monthly Roundup for July 2017

How To Design Your Windowless Bathroom

For many homeowners, a windowless bathroom presents a unique challenge. After all, it lacks one of the essentials to a comfortable bathroom; natural light. However, there are plenty of ways you can make your windowless bathroom feel open and spacious, without installing a new window. See a few ideas you can use here.

Unique Upcycling Ideas Cover

6 Unique Upcycling Ideas For Your Home

Looking for a DIY project to tackle before the summer is over? Your next project could be right inside your home. Upcycling is a hot trend due to the way it’s both budget- and earth-friendly. Often, people choose to upcycle an old, unused item into something with a new purpose. Here’s how you can upcycle to create new décor for your home.

Energy Saving Tips For Summer

Energy-Saving Tips For Summer

As you may have already observed, the summer heat brings electric bills up inside. It’s important to have a place to cool off during days of extreme heat. However, a few simple changes can help decrease costs in your home. One of the first steps is to ensure your HVAC is functioning optimally, making any repairs that are needed. A system that is faulty can result in unnecessary costs for you. Read more about how you can save energy this summer.

Fun Summer Activities For Kids Cover

10 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

As fall approaches, you may run out of ideas for all to get out and enjoy the summertime together. Never fear, we’ve provided you with plenty of inspiration for your next family-friendly summer activity. From tie-dying clothing to starting a late-summer garden together, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the summer before kids go back to school. See all summer fun ideas here.


From improving your kitchen to finding new DIY projects you can do to improve your home, now is the time to get started. Stay tuned next month when we’ll be sharing tips on small patio ideas and sharing more about how landscapers can help you have the best yard possible!

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