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ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: November 2018

By on Nov 28, 2018
ImproveNet Monthly Roundup: November 2018

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The holiday season is here and hopefully your home is full of cheer. Now that the thanksgiving meal has been cooked and leftovers eaten, you can focus on preparing your home for the rest of the season.

This month, we’ve had the holiday season top-of-mind as well with a few festive articles as well as other tips you can do to improve your home. Here are a few articles you may have missed this November.

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1.  Incorporating Hygge Into Your Home

Have you heard of “hygge” before? This Danish concept of coziness has become a trend in households during the cooler weather. The idea is to make your home as comfortable and warm as possible by using oversized blankets, throw pillows and minimalist décor. Read more about how you can get the look in Incorporating Hygge Into Your Home.

Popular Paint Colors To Help You Sell Your House

2. Popular Paint Colors To Help You Sell Your House

If you’re thinking about selling your house in the new year, or just want to freshen up your home for the holidays, you might want to consider painting. It’s an easy way to get a new style for any room.

“Homeowners looking to sell should stay away from dark, deep or bold colors such as reds, dark browns, oranges, golds or any neon colors,” Tina Nokes, owner of Five Star Painting of Loudoun and Western Fairfax VA.

See what hues are recommended in Popular Paint Colors To Help You Sell Your House.

3. Your First Home: Episode 2

Did you catch the first episode of our new series “Your First Home?” We’re excited to bring you the second episode of the series in November. This month, you can find out the answer to what you should consider for your kitchen remodel and if it really is important to change the locks on your new home. See the video for more.

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Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

4. Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Most bathrooms include tile. Why? Tile is mildew-resistant and easy to clean, making it a great choice for this moist environment. If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel, you might be wondering what tile is best, especially with so many options available. You might be surprised to see new trends, like faux wood tiles and floral bathroom tiles make the list as popular options for small bathrooms. Read Tile Ideas For A Small Bathrooms for more.

5. Decorate Your Fireplace For The Holidays

As the song goes, “there’s no place like home for the holidays!” And while true, I think there’s no place quite like a well-decorated home for the holidays. While many choose to focus on the Christmas tree, it’s important to highlight other focal points, like the mantel.

“One of the things I always consider when decorating the mantel is balance. I really love finding a unique piece to place on or hang above the mantel,” Ashley Dudich, shop owner and home blogger at All The Design, said.

Read Decorate Your Fireplace For The Holidays for more inspiration.


As November comes to a close, we begin to look to the new year ahead. Stay tuned next month for our predictions on what home trends will be popular in 2019.

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