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Incorporating Bold Colors Into Every Room

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By on Oct 7, 2018
Incorporating Bold Colors Into Every Room

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The latest home décor trends point to bright and bold colors throughout the home. Bright yellow, green and magenta have made their way into homes across the country. This might have you thinking about trying a few of your favorites in your home.

Incorporating bold colors does come with a slight risk. There’s a chance that these colors might not be popular in a few years or you might fall out of love with it. The key is to make sure you’re using bold colors in a way that you can transition. Here’s your guide on how to use bold colors in every room of the home.

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What Bold Colors Are Popular Right Now?

If you’re loving the current trends right now, getting a pop of color in your home might be just the thing to help you refresh your look. There are a lot of trendy colors. Some are darker hues that will warm up a space and a few are bright, lively colors that will freshen up your look.

“Bold colors are definitely in right now,” Ashley Dudich, home blogger and shop owner of All The Design, said. “Carrying over from the summer season where the gelato tones were so prevalent, I'm continuing to see lots of color being used as we head into fall. I've noticed a lot of navy, as well as more maple-y tones, which extends into the rose gold trend that seems to be quite popular right now.”

Pictured above is how Dudich has incorporated bold colors in her own home, using throw pillows to accent against a neutral couch and pink printed wall art that really pops above the mantel.

The Rules Of Bold Colors

If you thought you couldn’t use these beautiful hues in your home, think again. There are many ways you can have a color “pop” in a room without it being overwhelming. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re incorporating them correctly.

“I think it's important when considering color to find a pallet and stick with it throughout the home, or at least part of the home, like living spaces or the first floor,” Dudich said. “Of course, you can have different colors in different rooms, but I think it's important to establish a color family or look and continue that into various spaces. If you decide you want light and fresh colors, you can select a few pastels and carry those through. Or, you might be looking for something a bit darker and richer, so pairing a few more saturated colors would work great.”

Another great rule to follow is to use bold colors where they are interchangeable. Window treatments, accent walls, throw pillows and more are a way to add some boldness and have the ability to change it if and when you’re ready to move on from that color.

“I think one mistake homeowners can make is thinking that you have to paint an entire room a certain color," Dudich said. “To make a statement with a bold color, you can paint an accent wall or a large piece of furniture. Or, to make a less permanent splash, you can pick up a few throw pillows, a new rug or some home decor accents in a bold color.”

Using Bold Colors In The Kitchen

All-white kitchens have been a prominent trend in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of color. The key to decorating your kitchen with bold colors is to first, pick a color scheme and then incorporate those elements into different features. Dudich shared an example from her own kitchen:

“Kitchens can be another fun spot to be a bit bolder with color,” she said. “From painting cabinets, a color other than white, to painting the island a beautiful tone or adding in a colorful mixer or canister set, it can be a fun space to bring to life. If you have a more open concept space where your living room flows right into your kitchen, you can carry colors right through. We painted our island a lovely greenish gray a few years ago, and it was actually inspired by the color of our couch.”

You can see an example of the kitchen island Dudich painted in her home above. It's a great contrast against the white kitchen cabinetry.

Using Bold Colors In The Bathroom

Using Bold Colors In The Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to get creative. While the timeless black and white bathroom will always be popular, use accessories to dress it up. It’s a great place to experiment with a bold color if you’re not ready to incorporate it into other rooms of the home.

“Bathrooms can be an excellent way to try out a bolder color since it's a smaller space,” Dudich said. “Whether through paint, tile, a few accessories, wall art or hand towels, it's the perfect spot to add a dash of color.”

Using Bold Colors In The Bedroom

Bedrooms are known for relaxing and resting, so when you think of bold colors, it might not seem like the natural place for them. However, you can have bold colors in the room without causing stress.

“I think it's important to remember that bold color doesn't have to be dark,” Dudich said. “There are beautiful ways to incorporate light pops of color like pink, peach or periwinkle in a very light and neutral space.”

Adding metallics alongside these lighter hues can help make them pop. Throw pillows, night stand accessories and lamps are all great ways to tie the room together while staying on trend.

Let’s not forget about kids’ rooms. This is where you and your child can have a lot of fun with color. Dudich speaks of her own home when she thinks about bold color bedrooms.

“Kids' bedrooms can be a really fun space to go bolder with color,” she said. “We recently painted our son's room an awesome jewel-toned green called Jade Dragon. While the color is quite bold, we were able to tone it down just a bit with several more natural elements, like hardwood floors, white trim, bamboo blinds and white furniture and linens. We also added navy as another accent color with a few throw pillows and area rug, which helps to ground the happy space.”

Using Bold Colors In The Living Room

Using Bold Colors In The Living Room

All of these bold color tips come together in the living room. As a space where many gather, you should be able to show off your personal style. The living room is a great place to incorporate a bold accent or gallery wall. “You can also add in a few pillows, a vase collection or an area rug for some pops of bolder color less committal than paint,” Dudich said.

To see more about what accessories you should include, read Living Room Details That POP.

Bold Conclusion


Bold color doesn’t have to be scary. If you’ve been considering incorporating bold colors into your home, now is the time. Try a few of these tricks to have décor that stands out!

What bold colors are you currently using in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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