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Keep Your Home Fashionable With These Window Trends For 2016

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By on Dec 14, 2015
Keep Your Home Fashionable With These Window Trends For 2016

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Every window in your home is another opportunity to be creative. Windows can create an entirely different look for your room and even give the illusion of having more space.

That being said, what was considered extraordinary yesterday may seem pedestrian today. Trends tend to change over time and if you don’t want to be behind the times, you’ll want to understand them – especially with windows. Having knowledge of current window trends will help you improve your home both inside and out. It can also boost your home’s value. With the help from this article, you’ll be able to come up with a beautiful concept for your windows that you’ll love!

2016 Window Trends

The Bigger the Window, the Better

Let the light shine through with large, beautiful windows. It’s popular to have large windows that integrate the outdoors with a home’s concept. Additionally, you’ll allow more natural light into your home. You won’t have to turn on your lights until it gets dark, which will save you money on your electric bills. Popular styles like large casement windows or sliding windows are becoming more popular as well.

Add A Little Color to Your Windows

While white and off-white are still popular options for windows - and always will be – more vibrant colors are trending. Brighter colors are used to accent your walls to match the tone of your room. Unique colors are also popular because they give you the opportunity to customize your windows like nothing anyone else has in their home. It’s as if your windows are your canvas and you can design them anyway you want.

Take advantage of colors other than white!

Your Windows Should be in High Places

In homes with tall ceilings, it’s common to have architectural windows higher on your walls. Often used in conjunction with other windows at normal heights, they allow more light in and add extra pizzazz to your home.

Your Windows Should be in High Places

Functionality is Top Priority

While aesthetics are crucial to improving curb appeal and your home’s value, the most important aspect of a window is how it functions. Different styles of windows perform differently. You can use your windows in unique ways.

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Unique Styles Becoming Common Choices

Double-hung windows will always be the most popular window option, but other styles are beginning to trend. As we mentioned earlier, large casement windows are quickly becoming an extremely popular window style. The easy to use crank and the ability to control ventilation are very attractive.

More uncommon choices such as awning and sliding windows are also trending for their different functions and shapes. Their horizontal configuration will be more appealing in your home because of its unique look. Large sliding windows are also becoming commonplace in living rooms and family rooms which hasn’t been seen in the past.

Vinyl is the Best

Out with wood and in with vinyl. It makes a lot of sense. Vinyl is a more energy efficient, lower cost option than wood. Wood tends to rot and warp which is avoided with vinyl windows. Wood also requires extensive maintenance to retain their appearance.

With the many colors, finishes and styles of vinyl windows, they’ll look aesthetically pleasing anywhere in your home. It’s pretty obvious why vinyl windows are trending over wood.

Energy-Efficient Windows Will Save You Money

One trend that will never fade is saving money. Saving money with your windows is something you should consider. Energy-efficient windows will save you money in the long run by decreasing your heating and cooling bills.

Energy-efficient windows trap air and heat in your home while keeping the elements out. This allows your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently and puts more money in your pocket and less toward your utility bills.

Vinyl Is The Best

Thinking of the Future: Resale

This is a plain and simple fact: something that is trending and popular has higher value. Whatever is perceived to have more value will cost more money. So if your windows are trendy and up-to-date with current trends, your home’s value will significantly increase. Staying trendy could net you a few extra dollars when selling your home!

Beyond the Window

Your windows can be the focal point of your room. You’re going to want to pay attention to the details to make a great impression. Adding accessories or improving your window treatments can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Avoid Looking Bare

A few years back, it was trendy to have naked windows – no curtains, blinds or shutters. Back then, you would let your windows stand out on their own. Not anymore! Naked windows are trending downward quickly and adding beautiful window treatments is the way of the future.

Treat your Windows with Beautiful Window Treatments

Since you’ll want to avoid having naked windows, you’ll need to pick the right window treatment. Rule of thumb: if your windows have a contemporary design, your treatment should have a similar style. You want your windows to remain the focal point of the room. Keep it simple but sleek. You want everything to flow together without the curtains or blinds taking over.

It’s All in the Details: Accessories Make the Window

Whether it’s new cranks, locks or handles, accessories for your windows can be used to improve its look. Gold accessories are trending now and can be used to catch your eye. While they are meant to catch your eye, you don’t want them to draw attention away from the windows. Much like window treatments keep it simple but sleek.

Different Styles for Different Homes

Not all window trends look right in every home. While large casement windows are trending, they would be out of place on a cape cod. Keep your home’s look in mind before deciding on any window trend.

Window Treatments


Knowing what is trending with windows is important when creating a more unique and contemporary design. You will boost the value of your home and produce a gorgeous centerpiece for your room. Don’t make a mistake by choosing ordinary replacement windows. Be innovative and choose something original and eye popping. You’ll love it for years to come!

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