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Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas

By on Nov 2, 2016
Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas

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A good kitchen is not only beautifully decorated, but it’s also a functional place to cook and eat. A disorganized kitchen can lead to frustration in a space that should be a comfortable place to gather. There are many ways you can create a more functional kitchen with the help of multi-use appliances and innovative storage techniques.

However, for many of us, there’s the challenge of a corner kitchen cabinet. If you’re anything like me, you dread opening up your corner cabinet to find it stuffed full of assorted kitchen items. Often, there is plenty of usable space, but the opening is narrow and hard to maneuver items around. It ends up being a place for anything that will fit, sometimes never to be seen again. If you can relate to this, it’s time to put an end to the corner kitchen cabinet madness. Utilize a few of these tips to fall in love with your corner cabinet.

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Lazy Susan

The Classic Lazy Susan

Many homeowners rely on the classic Lazy Susan turntable to solve their corner cabinet woes. This is a tool that dates back to the late 1700s and gained popularity in the 1950s, on kitchen tables. And it’s making a comeback, now in various places of the kitchen to help homeowners cut down on clutter in hard to reach areas.

The rotating circle makes it easy to move items from the back to the front of the cabinet when needed. Some Lazy Susan’s are installed directly to your corner cabinet during a remodel. Others can be installed in your current cabinet as a separate piece. You’ll want to measure your cabinet to be sure it can fit the full circle.  

Wondering how the device got its name? You’re not alone. Researchers have a few records of the term “Lazy Susan” in magazines from the early 1900s, but have yet to find the source.

Open Shelving Cabinets

Open Shelving

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of maneuvering around cabinet walls, open shelving might be right for you. It’s a trend that’s not only popular among kitchen corners, but throughout the kitchen. It’s a great place to store items you use often and need to quickly access. You can simply replace the corner with shelving that stretches between two cabinets. Not only will this help functionality in the kitchen, but it also adds a fun decorative element to show off bakeware or other kitchen accessories.

Pull Out Drawers

Pull-Out Shelves

Depending on the size and shape of your corner kitchen cabinet, you may have the opportunity to install shelving inside the cabinet that helps utilize all of the blind space. Pull-out shelving options come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some even customizable to your storage needs. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, this is the best time to install these devices.

If you already have the cabinets of your dreams, there are a few pull-out shelving systems you can install yourself. Saving The Family Money provides a great tutorial on how you can do this in your home.

Hanging Pot Holder

If you have trouble storing your pots and pans, the corner kitchen cabinet may be a great place to hang them. This system will work well on lower cabinets and utilizes the idea of open shelving, without the shelves. Simply remove the door and any dividers that block the space. Next, screw hangers into the top, one for each pot or pan you have. You may want to measure the distance so you’re able to fit in all sizes. Once you’ve securely screwed them in, hang your pots and pans for a functional and chic way to utilize the space.

Chevron Cabinets

Chevron Corner Drawers

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For a custom solution to corner cabinets, chevron corner drawers allow for easy access to what you need. This design fits to the corner of your cabinet and when opened, you can easily access the full drawer. The look alone of chevron corner drawers are a unique feature to have in any kitchen. This is a great idea to include if you are remodeling your cabinets, as it’s typically fit to your needs. The average cost to install kitchen cabinets is $4,173, depending on the size and materials you choose for your cabinet upgrade.

Storage Baskets

For an affordable solution that can instantly revive your kitchen organization, various sized storage baskets work well. It’s a quick way to clean up clutter and arrange what you need most. For my corner cabinet, this solution worked well until I was ready to utilize the open shelving concept. I simply sorted my lids, bowls and kitchen tools into storage containers and organized them from items I most use, to items I least use. Now, when I need to retrieve an item, I simply have to move a few storage bins around, instead of making even more of a mess sorting through the clutter.


Storage is a top priority for many homeowners, so having a corner kitchen cabinet might be one of the most difficult parts of the kitchen. However, with new and innovative solutions on the market, you can make the most of your corner kitchen cabinet.

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