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Kitchen Countertop Trends For 2015

By Katie Carlson on Apr 4, 2016
Kitchen Countertop Trends For 2015

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Trendy or not, when it comes to buying or selling a home, trends are important because it affects your return on investment. ROI is a major reason why you need to keep an eye out for the latest housing trends. Homebuyers these days want the best. This includes homes that are updated and attractive, not only on the outside, but tasteful and stylish on the inside.

This brings me to the hottest kitchen countertops trends of 2015. Everyone has their own style and taste when it comes to home remodeling, but it’s good to get an idea of what other homeowners are installing because these days, it’s just too hard to keep up with all of the information floating around. If you’re anything like me, you just don’t have the time to stay up to date on all the latest kitchen and countertop trends. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

If would like to install one of these hot countertops in your home, let us connect you (for free) with kitchen countertop pros near you.

Trend 1: Quartz Countertops Take the Lead

Quartz Countertops

Along with natural stone, quartz countertops continue to be hot. Caesarstone recently introduced a line of six neutral colors for its durable quartz countertops. Shown is the grayish-beige "Linen," whose subtle color gradation lends to sleek contemporary designs. Nonporous and resistant to heat, quartz countertops are also resistant to spills and scratches, making them a smart choice for families or busy cooks. 

Trend 2: Fashion-Forward Wood Countertops Are In

Wood Countertops

Wood is still a trend in 2015, but in finishes that represent its natural form, rather than high-gloss or smooth finishes. If you're in the market for a fashion-forward countertop, granite, quartz and laminate are no longer your only choices. Wood countertops are coming on strong. I highly recommend this look, as wood can evoke a nostalgic, homey feeling that is usually missed in a modern kitchen. 

Trend 3: Touch-Me Textures & Patterns that Make A Difference

Textures & Patterns

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Pictured above is a gorgeous American colonial kitchen with a tasteful marble countertop. “There’s a move toward using more textured and tactile materials,” Pillay says in HouseBeautiful. Natural marble and granite in honed finishes, as well as engineered stones that replicate raw finishes, are a few materials we’ll be seeing a lot of next year, the designer says.

Trend 4: Granite & Metal Counters Have Their Benefits 

Granite Countertop Benefits

HGTV recently named their top kitchen countertop materials. Granite makes the list for being timeless, durable and easy to clean, while some modern kitchens now have stainless steel countertops because they are nonporous, do not have to be sealed and resist bacterial growth.

Trend 5: Budget Friendly Laminate Material Gets the Green Light

Laminate Material

Countertops continue to define a kitchen's style — but they don't have to be a budget-buster. This granite look-alike from Wilsonart is actually laminate, but unlike previous laminate countertops, features a more realistic, larger stone pattern and rounded edge for a high-end granite look at a fraction of the price.

Looking for actual granite? See the Top 5 Colors for Granite Kitchen Countertops (from spring 2014).

Trend 6: A Black & White Kitchen Never Dies

Black & White Kitchen

This year is all about high contrast. If you like the black and white look, you’ll want to install white lacquer cabinets and absolute black granite countertops to stay on trend. It’s a clean and sophisticated look that any homeowner can create.

Beautiful countertops are a staple in any kitchen, but as you know, being trendy means making sure all the pieces fit together just right. This brings me to the topics of kitchen island countertops, how backsplashes and countertops work together and not forgetting about the sink surrounding your countertops.

Trend 7: Begin to Look at Your Island Countertops as a Style Statement

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a must have. This is where people gather, eat, visit and share. It’s relaxing to sit around an island and catch up on your day with loved ones. Islands are also very nice when you just want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and good conversation with your spouse.

It’s typically the first thing a guest notices when they enter your kitchen. Make it something to talk about, something stylish and chic like this striking granite countertop pictured above. If you’re interested in making a purchase soon, check out Sears, they have a wide selection of kitchen islands to choose from.

Trend 8: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bold Color near Your Countertops

Blue Kitchen Sink

“We’re seeing light blues and greens becoming increasingly popular,” says Neil Kelly Design Consultant Karen Richmond of HouseBeautiful. Like kitchen cabinets, sinks are trending away from basic white or stainless steel. This eye-catching blue sink is stunning. A colorful sink is a great way to pop in a small amount of color in a kitchen with neutral countertops. If you’re interested in installing a new bold sink, Cymax stores makes it easy to find the perfect sink for your home. 

Trend 9: Make A Statement with Your Countertops & Backsplash

Counter & Backsplash

The picture above gives you an idea of how much flare a touch of backsplash can add to your kitchen. Make sure your countertops and backsplash complement each other. This kitchen is a perfect example of a backsplash and countertops working together to create a warm and modern feel.


Get trendy with your kitchen this year! It can be a fun and creative process. Think outside the box and get your house looking super stylish so you can enjoy…and sell! Remember, it’s not only about countertop trends, but ROI as well.

Ready for a new look in your kitchen? Consult with one of our expert kitchen and countertop contractors so they can help you stay on trend!

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