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Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool

Swimming Pools & Spas
By on Jun 13, 2018
Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool

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Pools are a great feature to add to any yard. Not only will it bring you hours of enjoyment, but it can improve the value of your home. However, you don’t want your pool to become an eyesore. Pool landscaping is very important to impress your guests and improve the appeal of your home.

For both above and inground pools, you’ll want to plan your pool landscaping out very carefully. From privacy plants to decorative grasses, here are a few pool landscaping ideas you can use.

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Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to your pool landscaping, you must first evaluate the type of pool you have. After all, the way you landscape for an above ground pool will be very different for an inground pool. There are special considerations you must make for each. However, you can try to incorporate various elements that can make your pool landscaping more attractive. Here are a few pool landscaping ideas to try:

  • Landscaping Gravel & Stone
  • Raised Garden Bed
  • Hedges
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Water Features
  • Potted Plants & Trees
  • Screen Enclosure

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Often, the exterior of your above ground pool needs some sprucing up. Standing alone, your pool will look like nothing special. However, with a little bit of landscaping, you can make it look like the oasis it is. With an above ground pool, you won’t have to worry as much about debris but keep in mind other concerns, like safety and punctures.

Landscaping Gravel & Stone

One of the simplest ways to add a bit of style to your pool landscaping is by adding some beautiful gravel or stone around it. Landscape rocks are a great addition and come in a wide variety of styles that can help you get a clean look. Not to mention, it will help to keep weeds from growing around your pool. River rocks are a great choice when it comes to your above ground pool border. The average cost of river landscaping rocks is between $0.05 per pound at the minimum and $0.35 per pound at a maximum.

Raised Garden Bed

If you want to add a splash of color to your pool border, you can build a raised garden bed to plant a variety of flowers. Here’s a list of flowers that are ideal to grow in your pool border garden bed:

  • Hibiscus
  • Birds of Paradise
  • African Violets
  • Red Ginger Flower
  • Mini Roses
  • Cannas

Hedges & Shrubs

If you’re looking for an easy option around your pool, hedges and shrubs might be the best choice for you. Not only can they add a bit more privacy, but they will look beautiful all year long. Keep in mind, you will likely want to stay away with hedges that have thorns. With people coming in and out of the pool, you want to keep safety a priority if anyone were to accidentally run into them. You will also need too keep your shrubs trimmed and maintained regularly.

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

When landscaping around your inground pool, there are two major concerns: debris and pests. Plants that lose leaves, petals or seeds should not be around an inground pool. This could make your pool dirty faster and clog any filters. Additionally, plants that bring bugs close to the swimming area should be avoided.

Ornamental Grasses

If you want to dress up your pool landscape without worrying about falling leaves or debris, ornamental grasses are a great way to add a pop of color. Tall ornamental grass can help provide additional privacy to your pool area, while also adding a bit of style to your yard.

Water Features

For the look of luxury, adding a water feature near or connected to your pool will certainly be what has all your neighbors talking. A water fountain is a great addition for you to enjoy and is a great way to highlight your beautiful inground pool. However, a water fountain is not cheap. The average cost to install a water fountain is $2,428, with most homeowners spending between $1,228 and $2,710.

Screen Enclosure

Structures are a great way to highlight additional landscaping features as well as provide shelter from the sun and other elements. A pool screen enclosure is a great investment if you plan on using your pool year-round. It can help you create your own tropical oasis right in the backyard. However, this is another investment you should be ready to make. The average cost to build a swimming pool enclosure is $9,100.

Pool Privacy Ideas

Pool Privacy Ideas

If you’re looking to add more natural privacy plants around your pool, a few trees can help you keep it a comfortable and open environment. Evergreens are usually the best choice to include on one side, usually behind the pool deck or patio. Here are some great pool privacy plant ideas:

  • Blue Spruce
  • Japanese Holly
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae
  • Spartan Juniper
  • Italian Cypress


If you want to make your pool a more beautiful part of your backyard, a little bit of landscaping can make a difference. Depending on the pool you have, try a few of these pool landscaping ideas to create a backyard you love.

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