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Making The Most Of A Galley Kitchen

By on Oct 26, 2016
Making The Most Of A Galley Kitchen

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Kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. While larger kitchens are often viewed as a bonus, much can be said about smaller, efficient kitchens. When designed and used correctly, a small kitchen can improve the cooking experience and highlight design focal points.

Galley kitchens are an effective design that makes the most of your space. With a long aisle and parallel counters, this is a sleek layout that home cooks love. It creates ample storage and working space without sacrificing vital parts of the kitchen. If you’re considering a small kitchen remodel, this is a layout to consider. Here are a few tips to make the most of your galley kitchen.

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Large Galley Kitchen

What Is A Galley Kitchen?

If you’re unfamiliar with the galley kitchen design, it’s a narrow kitchen with one long aisle with countertops, cabinetry and appliances lining each side. Oftentimes, these kitchens are the perfect slim design to fit in a small space. As they are growing in popularity, these kitchens can also be designed to fit in larger spaces.

For those that do a lot of home cooking, galley kitchen is the ideal way to control traffic flow in and out of the kitchen. Often, one person can be cooking at a time, which is a great asset if there tends to be too many cooks in the kitchen.

Galley kitchens often follow the design technique of the kitchen triangle. The National Kitchen and Bath Association defines this as the invisible line that’s drawn between the sink, stove and refrigerator for optimal efficiency. One of the guidelines, they state is that there should be no interfering traffic within this triangle, and the galley kitchen, when designed correctly, supports that.

Modern Galley Kitchen

Tidy Up

A great feature about a galley kitchen is their sleek design that encourages a clean workspace. At the core, it’s a very minimal design that works upward instead of outward. Organization is key to best utilizing this space.

Use the vertical cabinet storage space that galley kitchens are known for by getting bins and baskets to store cooking accessories and tools. Now is the time to part with old appliances and utilizes that you may not use very often. It’s also a good idea to designate certain kitchen areas to specific items, like baking tools or dinnerware. Remember, this is a kitchen that should allow you to function better with less clutter. Keep your cabinets and countertops free of clutter to truly enjoy this functional kitchen style.

Galley Kitchen Shelving

As mentioned above, galley kitchen storage tends to be vertical rather than horizontal, like traditional kitchens. This may have you rethinking your shelving design. Many homeowners with galley kitchens opt for a mix of open shelving and traditional cabinets, to access what they need quickly and keep certain appliances out of view.

If you’re looking for more storage but have run out of room for shelving or cabinetry, keep going up. Hanging pot racks can be mounted to the ceiling as a place to keep pots and pans in reach, without sacrificing valuable shelf space. They also make a stylish and unique addition to any kitchen.

Shelving and cabinets all comes in various shapes and styles. When it comes to choosing the right color cabinets, remember to match your kitchen color scheme to complete your look.

Wood Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Style

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Finding the right style for your galley kitchen can be tricky. You’ll want to choose light colors that reflect well in a small space. A trendy style for smaller, compact kitchens right now is white kitchens, with colorful accents of accessories. This allows any natural light to brighten up the area as you work. Consider including under cabinet lighting, in addition to overhead lighting, to help brighten up your cooking space as well.

Considering the minimalist design, many galley kitchens do not focus on added décor to save space. If you have a décor idem you enjoy, try utilizing it in odd corners or on an open countertop where food is served. You can also find accessories that serve another purpose, like a jar to hold spooks and cookware or a unique soap dispenser.

Sleek Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Dining

To create the most functional kitchen possible, one of the sacrifices homeowners must make is seating space. You may be concerned about the lack of dining space available when it comes to a galley kitchen. It’s true that you likely will not be able to fit a large table in your kitchen, but you can include small dining options.

I love the idea to include stool seating on one section of the countertop, as a great place to sit an eat a quick meal or talk with someone who is cooking. Additionally, given enough space, you can create a small section as a breakfast nook where you can include a coffee pot and stools to sit and have breakfast before the day begins.


Clean, efficient kitchens are trendy and the best way to achieve that it is through a galley kitchen layout. This is great news to those with small kitchens, who may be looking for new ways to utilize their space. Try a few of these tips to help make the most of your galley kitchen.

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