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Mother’s Day Gifts For The Home

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By on May 5, 2015
Mother’s Day Gifts For The Home

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If you’re like me, you have just started thinking about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, you still have time to find her the perfect gift!

Of course, there are always the staple gift ideas – flowers, dinner and jewelry – but these options tend to be either expensive or short-lived. This year, why not think outside the box and find something that can be used in the house for years to come!

Read on for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom can enjoy in the comfort of her own home.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1: Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Utensils

If your mom is the type that is always whipping up something new in the kitchen, her kitchen accessories probably get quite a bit of use, and it may be time for an upgrade. Take a look at her equipment, and see if anything is scratched, peeling, rusted or just generally overused. Odds are something can be replaced or upgraded to enhance her cooking experience. Below are some good Mother’s Day kitchen-related gift ideas:

For the Chef:

Kitchen Apron

For the Baker:

Measuring Spoons

For the Entertainer:

Cheese Serving Set

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2: Unique Home Decor 

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Another gift option mom will be sure to love is any piece of unique home decor that adds beauty to her favorite room. You have a variety of choices when it comes to this category, including wall art, rugs, mirrors, pillows and table accents. Think about the styles and colors she likes, where she seems to spend most of her time and come up with the perfect Mother’s Day home decor gift.

For the Living Room:

Throw pillows are a great way to make a room pop. Anthropologie has a large assortment of throw pillows with unique designs that will complement the style of almost any living room. Check out the bold colors of their Soundwaves Pillow or the interesting textured design of their Tassled Jacare Pillow. 

Throw Pillows

Table accents are another great addition to a living room. Look for vases like the Jonathan Adler Malachite Vase, picture frames like the Loopholder Frame, bookends like the Victorian Whale Bookends or candles like the Solstice Ceramic Candle.

Ceramic Candle

For the Kitchen:

Kitchen wall art that reflects your mom’s personality is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. If you think she’d like something food or wine-oriented, check out the Stupell Home Bon Appetit Kitchen Wall Plaque. Wall sticker decals, which have been growing in popularity recently, are another wall décor option. Check out the wall decals Amazon has to offer.

Kitchen Wall Plaque

Kitchen accent rugs also make a great Mother’s Day gift. If she doesn’t have one, or her current rug is getting old, find a design that matches the style and color of her kitchen as well as your mom’s own tastes. The Amola Flokati Rug is good if you’re looking for something neutral, and the Kali Rug is perfect if you’re looking for something to make statement. 

Kitchen Rug

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3: Bathroom Essentials

While bathroom accessories may not seem like the most creative idea in the world, this is an opportunity to treat your mom to something she would never buy herself. Think luxurious bath towels, cushiony bath rugs and sweet-scented soaps and lotions. Below are just a few ideas to get you in the bath product mindset:

Bath Soap

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #4: Bedroom Luxuries

Help make your mom’s bedroom a sanctuary this Mother’s Day. High thread count sheets, room darkening curtains, cushiony pillows and many other luxury items all make great gift options.

For the Bed:

In my experience, the added comfort you get with high thread count sheets is completely worth the cost, and if you don’t think your mom would splurge on them on her own, they can be the perfect gift. Check out the 1,000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets at Sears, or, for a slightly lower thread count and price tag, go for the Cannon 4-Piece 500 Thread Count Bed Sheets.

Bed Sheets

Pillows and bed toppers are also a great way to enhance your mom’s comfort while she sleeps. There are many different fill types, so you’ll want to research carefully. Since everyone is different when it comes to comfortability, you may want to find out which fill type your mom prefers. The Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam MicroCushion Pillow is a great option if your mom would like a pillow that conforms to her head and neck. This pillow also has the added benefit of gel beads to help keep your mom cool throughout the night. 


For the Room:

New curtains or blinds make a great addition to a bedroom and are sure to make your mom smile. Room darkening or blackout curtains can help her sleep better and often have the added benefit of blocking out the heat and cold. The Sun Zero Hanson Crushed Room Darkening Grommet Panel curtains are a top-rated choice and are offered in many colors.

Room Darkening Curtains

Wall art and tapestries are always a nice touch for a bedroom. If your mom’s walls are relatively bare, this could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. Check out the High Spirits Wall Art collection at Anthropologie or the Plum & Bow Nisha Medallion Tapestry at Urban Outfitters. Just be sure to pick something out that will both complement the current style of her bedroom and reflect her individual personality.

High Spirits Wall Art

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #5: Outdoor Living

If you have a mom who loves spending time outside, a good Mother’s Day gift will be something to make her outdoor hobbies more enjoyable. Think about what she likes doing outside and what sort of gifts might enhance her experience. For example, if she likes gardening, you can get her new gardening tools or potted plants. If she likes reading or relaxing in the backyard, you can consider purchasing a lounge chair or other piece of patio furniture. See below for some specific products your mom might like:



A gift that can be used in the home is a great option if you’re looking for something that your mom can enjoy for years. If you think about what might fit in with your mom’s personality and preferences as well as the style of her home, your gift will be a slam dunk in terms of both thoughtfulness and practicality.

If you haven’t found the perfect Mother’s Day gift yet, I hope that this article provided some inspiration. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

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