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Must-Have Amenities For Your Home Theater

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By on Jan 21, 2018
Must-Have Amenities For Your Home Theater

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There are a lot of fun ways you can invest in your home. Are there any dream rooms on your list? One space in the home that’s becoming increasingly popular is a theater room. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space to have a fun home theater. All you need are the amenities that make it great.

From the best home theater projector to the ultimate universal remote, there are plenty of details that go into making your home theater the talk of the town. Get ready to have the perfect space to entertain or just relax on a Friday night with these must-have home theater amenities.

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Home Theater Projector

1. Home Theater Projector

As an important part of the room, you want to be sure you’re choosing the best home theater projector. A great place to start is with home theater projector reviews, as everyone’s needs are different. One popular style right now is the LED home theater projector. They last longer than traditional projector lamps, so you’re able to watch your favorite movie over and over.

Another popular type is the smart home theater projector. While these projectors come with many different features, most have the ability to connect to Bluetooth and connect online to get your favorite streaming service. Although more expensive than other models, smart projectors are certainly the gadget to have!

2. Home Theater Speakers

A projector needs a great set of speakers to make the home theater work well. Wireless home theater speakers are what many are looking for. Top models have high tech features, such as Bluetooth capabilities and touch technology. However, you’ll likely need a pro to help. The average cost to install a surround sound system is $969, with most homeowners spending between $300 and $706.

If you’re looking at speakers, don’t forget about soundproofing. If the kids are watching a movie during the day, you certainly don’t want to hear the cartoon from upstairs as you’re trying to work! Soundproofing can be a worthwhile investment to keep the whole family happy. The average cost to soundproof a room is $17,468.

Home Theater Seating

3. Home Theater Seating

Comfort is a key amenity in your home theater. You just don’t want any average seat in a space made for relaxing. While a lot of the furniture decisions will be based on the size of your space, leather home theater seating is an upscale look that’s always comfortable. Try a few leather recliners for each family member, or a sectional couch for all to gather.

4. Home Theater Remote

Don’t overlook the small details. With many different systems in your home theater, your remote control will make all the difference. A home theater universal remote can make life a lot easier by controlling your sound system, projector, DVD player and more. Touch screen remotes for home theaters are the high-tech gadget to have!

Home Theater Curtains

5. Home Theater Curtains

If your home theater has windows, curtains are a must. Your movie can be ruined with additional light streaming in through the windows. Blackout and soundproof curtains are the best choice for your home theater. Additionally, wow your guests by motorized home theater curtains. With the push of a button, you can draw the curtains and get your favorite flick started!

6. Home Theater Décor

Let’s not forget about the home theater décor! Though your movie will be the focal point, a home theater should reflect your favorite film interests. Choose home theater wall décor that includes your favorite movies. Frame movie posters and hang them on the wall. I also love the idea of a marquee sign that shows what’s now playing.

When choosing colors, keep them dark. Unlike other rooms in the home, this is where you want the lighting to be dim and not interfere with the movie. However, for safety reasons, always put lighting near any stairs, to avoid trips and falls.

7. Home Theater Bar

Every moviegoer knows you can’t watch without a big bowl of popcorn. A home theater snack bar is a fun amenity you’ll need for this room. Instead of going to the kitchen and back to refill your soda or grab your favorite candy, have a small bar where you can easily get more to munch on. If you’re really going all out, you may want to include a small popcorn maker, so you can have it fresh whenever you want.

For adults, you may want to consider including a wet bar to mix up your favorite cocktail. Of course, for this project, you’ll likely need to contact a plumber who can help you safely add a bar sink and more.

Home Theater Costs

If you’re planning to build out a home theater in your basement or elsewhere, you should be aware of the costs associated. While much of the cost will come from the actual equipment you buy, such as TVs, screens and sound system, to make sure it all works seamlessly, you’ll want to hire an expert. Sometimes, you may even have to cut into the walls to mount speakers and hide wires. The average cost to install home theater wiring or components is $366, with most homeowners spending between $217 and $381.


Your new theater can be a fun space for all, but make sure you have the amenities to make it great. Even if you have a mini home theater, you can incorporate some of these must-haves into your room. It’s sure to make everyone jealous!

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