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Must-Have Kitchen Cookware & Bakeware For Fall

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By Katie Carlson on Oct 4, 2016
Must-Have Kitchen Cookware & Bakeware For Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to brush up on your cooking and baking skills. Cool temps, less daylight and the upcoming holidays will put you in the mood to prepare warm meals and sweet treats.

Prepare for the season by taking inventory on what you have and need. Rummage through your kitchen cabinets and drawers and toss or donate anything that’s old or you no longer use. Before you start shopping for new and replacement items, take a peek at the latest and greatest must-have kitchen cookware and bakeware pieces for fall.

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Cookware Set

The Basics

Start by checking off the basics. Purchase simple cookware and bakeware sets as your first investment. You’ll get the best bang for your buck and be doing yourself a favor by investing in the essentials to help you get started cooking. In addition, baking sheets and a cooling rack for making cookies, display stands and pie pans are always useful to have around the kitchen and stove

Bakeware, cookware and tableware sets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and brands. Deciding what kitchen products to buy is a personal choice. It’s based on what you’re cooking or baking, durability, style preference and your budget.


Crock-Pot Or Slow Cooker

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I don’t care who you are, or even if you don’t like to cook, everyone needs a crock-pot or slow cooker in their house! They’re incredibly easy to use, convenient for cooking an infinite amount of recipes and make getting dinner on the table in a flash stress-free.  

Did you know that a crock-pot is actually a type of slow cooker, so they are very similar, but not all slow cookers are also crock pots? A crock-pot is a type of slow cooker with a stoneware pot that sits inside a surrounding heating element. A slow cooker is a usually metal pot that sits on top of a heating surface.

Cast-Iron Fry Pan

Cast-Iron Fry Pan

A fry pan is a must for cooking eggs, bacon, skillet dinners, chicken and so much more. I’m specifically recommending cast-iron as one of your staples because of the benefits listed below, although, beware that these pans are typically quite heavy.

  • A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is naturally non-stick.
  • If you are iron deficient, cook with cast iron pots and pans to boost your iron intake.
  • Cast iron cookware retains heat, which means they stay hotter much better than other similarly sized pots and pans.
  • Go from stovetop to oven with no problem.
  • Cat-iron fry pans last for decades.
  • Cast-iron fry pans come in a wide variety of fun colors.
  • These fry pans are dishwasher safe.

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

I can personally attest that having a Dutch oven is an absolute necessity, especially in the fall. It’s pretty much a large, heavy cooking pot, or oven, that has a lid. The difference between this and a slow-cooker, is that a Dutch oven braises on a stovetop or in an oven. They’re handy for slow-cooking pot roasts and making stews, soups and chili. With the lid off, it's perfect for browning meat or vegetables on the stovetop, and it can also go into the oven for even cooking. For additional ideas, see 10 easy recipes you can make in a Dutch oven.

Loaf Pan

Loaf Pans Or Muffin Cups

A baker’s kitchen won’t make it through fall and winter without a loaf pan or muffin cups. Baking pumpkin breads and breakfast muffins are a must around the holidays. They can also be used for a variety of flavored breads, or for meatloaf.

Fun Pan Shapes

Usually rectangular, with plain, flat sides and bottoms, there are two common sizes, 9x5-inches and 8.5x4.5-inches. The pans also come in fun shapes including pumpkins, acorns and leaves. While you’re at it, you should also grab a cake pan to add to your bakeware.

Appetizer Pan

Appetizer Pan

Who knew there were special pans made specifically for baking appetizers? Maybe you did, but it was news to me. Starters are essential for any gathering or party you host or attend this fall, therefore, a versatile must-have pan for your kitchen. Use the roasting pan for bread products or with the perforated insert for meats, seafood and other appetizers. This particular style has insert features depressed perforations to reduce sticking and allow grease to drip away from food.

Measuring Cups

Suitable Utensils

Before you tackle your first cooking and baking challenges for the season, it’s important you stock up on the proper utensils and gadgets that make your like easier. For example, if you’re going to go to the hassle of cooking a delicious soup, make sure you have an appropriate ladle. Serving spoons, measuring cups, mixers, whisks, knives and a cutting board will let you get the job done right.

Cooking Supplies

Also, a recipe holder for your cookbook or smartphone is very handy when your hands are dirty and you’re trying to multi-task. Have your oils, spices and cleaning supplies nearby so you can move quickly from task to task without too much trouble. The most important step you can take to help you succeed at baking is to plan and prepare.

Storage Jars

Proper Storage

Since you know there are few main ingredients you’ll be using more than others, get yourself a few cute storage jars to hold items such as flour and sugar. This way you won’t have to look far to grab what you need in the middle of making your recipe. There’s literally something out there for everyone’s unique taste in design. They’re perfect to use as décor on a shelf or arranged as a display as shown in the image.

Baking & Storage Dish

If you’ve gone to all the trouble to cook up delicious stews and desserts, then make sure you’re equipped to save, freeze and store your food and leftovers. Buy something functional that’s made to bake in and act as storage. Reusable, quality, safe containers that are quickly transferrable and easy to take on the go are must-haves.


This article is sure to put you in the mood to spend time in the kitchen this season. Is there any cookware or bakeware for fall that’s not on this list that you can’t live without in your home? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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