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With everyone across the nation and in the world going through this crisis, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With summer and rising temperatures right around the corner, why not turn off the news for a while and instead plan how to turn your outdoor spaces into an outdoor oasis!

Many homeowners will likely have the same idea, so it’s vital to get a plan into action as soon as possible, especially if you want to find a contractor, get an estimate, and get on their calendar to complete the work. Although the city and state lockdowns are keeping projects from physically being started and completed, there are a number of steps you and your contractor can complete while maintaining strict stay-at-home policies. Many contractors are adapting and utilizing photos and virtual images of outdoor spaces to help homeowners plan for all those future outdoor projects.

So why not get started with ImproveNet, connecting you to contractors in your area, for free!

Deck & Patio Installation

Adding a deck and/or a patio can really take your indoor space outdoors by adding much more livable space to your home. If you already have a deck, consider upgrades, restoration, or repair rather than starting over from scratch. And even if your current patio doesn’t inspire you, there are a number of solutions that can take it from drab to fab. If you have lived with your so-so outdoor space and are looking for a new patio that makes everyone want to be outdoors more than in, there is no time like the present!

Take the time to thoroughly check out the area where you’d like the patio. Look at it during various times of the day to determine how much sun it gets and where you will want your walkways. Then, of course, you’ll want to consider what the patio will be used for: dining, cooking, lounging, sitting in the hot tub, then determine the materials, like stone, concrete, flagstone, brick, & crushed gravel.


As warmer weather hits, many people have to make the difficult decision of whether to replace their roof or just repair it. For many contractors, summer is their busiest season, so making an early decision is important if you want to get on their calendars. As with any project, you will have to determine the budget and the materials that fit into that budget. With roofing, you will also need to think about climate and what materials last the longest and look the best based on where you live.

Landscaping & Gardening

There are a lot of us ready to get started making our yards and gardens look like Eden, and let’s face it, there are a ton of amazing ideas out there for inspiration. Not to mention, there isn’t a better time than now to get planning. While you can find a lot of inspiration online, or by looking around your neighborhood on a daily walk, you'll need a pro to help you put your plans to action

Get started by finding local contractors who can help you design and plan for the perfect outdoor space. Likewise, if you are considering hiring out your lawn and landscaping care, now would be a great time to determine your budget, find a provider, and get them booked before their schedules fill up.


If you are considering adding a fence for security, aesthetics, functionality, or a little of everything, there are a number of different options out there, including aluminum, wood, vinyl, wrought iron, and composite. The next step is determining your budget and then pricing the different kinds of fencing. Likewise, each material has its pros and cons. Chain link fencing is great for function and budget, but not so great for aesthetics. Wood can work for all purposes and look great, but it can be hard to maintain.

It’s best to do your homework on the fencing types that you envision to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Contacting a local fencing installer can help you make crucial decisions. Make sure to ask them what types of expertise they have installing different kinds of fencing and certainly the kind that you desire.

Pool Maintenance & Installation

Is this the year that you planned to finally install that pool for the family or just for yourself? If this crisis has taught us anything, it is the value of seizing the moment. Check out Improvenet’s cost estimate to help you determine the cost, examine different pool types, weigh the pros and cons of inground & above ground pools, and get informed about pool maintenance. You can even use this time to think about how you will decorate your pool deck once the pool is complete!

Tree Removal

While tree removal isn’t a fun outdoor project to plan, it might be something that you should quit putting off. It is a costly venture--one you will want to budget and plan for. If you live in an area with a plethora of trees, tree service providers are hot commodities, so being proactive in securing an estimate and a project date for as soon as possible might be a great use of your stay-at-home time.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though we don’t know when we can count on nice weather around the corner to help ease the frustration and give us some pleasure and relaxation. So, sit outside, dream and imagine your perfect outdoor space, and then start turning that daydream into a reality.

ImproveNet can help connect you with essential service providers in your area. Connect with a contractor today for free.

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