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Pool Deck Decorating Ideas

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By on Aug 22, 2018
Pool Deck Decorating Ideas

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If you have a swimming pool, it is likely the focal point of your backyard. But if your pool deck and the area surrounding is not well kept, it could be an eyesore.

The pool deck is the area where people gather to enjoy the sunshine and make a splash into the water. It can easily get messy if not taken care of properly. Here are a few pool deck decorating ideas and how to maintain it during the summer.

A pool deck that needs a repair is automatically a safety hazard. Contact a decking contractor today for quotes from pros in your area, for free.

Pool Deck Ideas

Pool Deck Ideas

Regardless if your pool is in or above ground, you likely have a pool deck that needs decorating. You might not see it, but even the storage you add to your deck is a decorative element you must consider. Here are some areas to think about as you get ready to decorate your deck:

  • Pool Deck Repairs
  • Pool Deck Furniture
  • Pool Deck Lighting
  • Pool Deck Plants
  • Natural Décor Materials
  • Pool Deck Safety Features

1. Pool Deck Repairs & Updates

Before you add anything to your pool deck, you must make sure it’s in good condition first. A cracked or faded pool deck can’t be hidden even with the best décor. So, make sure your pool deck is structurally looking great first, regardless of the material.

“Make sure your pool and equipment is in good condition and working order,” Ashley Lipman, marketing specialist at MySeedNeeds, said. "It is important to give the entire area a good scrubbing. When most people install a pool, they use one kind material for the decking. Today’s pool owners want a variety of textures. Have some symmetric concrete between the concrete or add some cobblestone. Leave enough room for some flower beds to highlight the open spaces. Adding your walls with vines, patio roof, and fire pit will make a huge difference.”

Repairing and updating a deck might take a little bit more out of your budget, but it must be done. The average cost to repair a deck is $1,357, with most homeowners spending between $857 and $1,408.

2. Pool Deck Furniture

One of the biggest features of your pool deck is the furniture. Unlike standard deck furniture, this should include some lounge chairs where you can relax in the sun. If you plan on making it a space for entertaining, you might want to include a few extra lounge chairs. For those planning a new deck remodel, Lipman has some advice.

“You can furnish your patio hide-away with wicker furniture, plush outdoor furniture design or get creative and have the seating area sunk-in, filled with throw pillows, cushions and even futons,” she said.

3. Pool Deck Lighting

Not only is pool deck lighting a needed safety feature, but it also allows you to enjoy your space into the evening. String globe lights overhead are currently trendy for outdoor gatherings. If you have steps, you’ll need to add lighting to the area. Lipman suggests adding strip lighting between each of the deck steps.

To see more, read Deck Lighting Ideas.

Pool Deck Plants

4. Pool Deck Plants

The plants you choose for your pool deck will really set your décor apart. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to decorate your deck because it’s all natural! Another added benefit is the privacy that tall plants and vines provide.

“People who own pools enjoy the feeling of having their own tropical forest,” Lipman said. “They determine who they will share their paradise with. But how can you do that with a bare deck? Check with your seed vendor and find out what plants, flowers and vines will flourish in your climate. The greenery will give you more privacy. The beautiful blooming flowers will enhance the look of your pool. While you may not want to shield the entire view of the pool, a chevron wood wall looks chic with vines growing on it. Using more than one can block your pool and deck from a view of the street, or the neighbors.”

You’ll also want to avoid plants that create a lot of debris, making your pool messier. Here are a few ideas on what plants you should add to your pool deck:

  • Purple Sage
  • Philodendron
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Hens-And-Chicks
  • Chilean Jasmine

5. Natural Décor Materials

If you’re wondering what’s hot in pool décor, materials made of wood, bamboo or even other plant material is what’s hot. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to style your pool deck, but it will also freshen up the look of your outdoor space.

“This is a year for natural materials,” Lipman said. “You will see more wood flooring on decks and patios. You can expect the deck area to be built above the pool areas. There will be more patios with timber shade roofs. Behind the area, consider bamboo. Fast growing vines with floral buds are a beautiful way to grow privacy.”

Pool Deck Safety Features

6. Pool Deck Safety Features

Even though it’s fun to decorate your deck, keep in mind accidents can happen in the pool area if you’re not careful. Style your deck in a way that promotes deck safety. Consider adding a small gate to keep pets and children off the pool deck when there’s no supervision. Proper deck lighting is key to enjoying your pool deck at night safely. You may also want to have a space on your pool deck to store a First Aid Kit, life jacket and other safety items.


Enjoy more of your outdoor space this summer by beautifully styling your pool deck. Furniture, accessories and more can come together to make your deck one-of-a-kind.

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