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Powder Room Décor That Will Impress Your Guests

By on Jun 27, 2016
Powder Room Décor That Will Impress Your Guests

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When a guest enters your home, you want to make them feel as welcomed as possible. This goes beyond the entryway, but every area they might be using in the house. To be a great host, you should extend your hospitality to the bathroom they might be using, typically a powder room or half bath. The challenge tends to be with the bathroom’s small size and limited functions.

Dare to take on this challenge and create a powder room that will “wow” your guests? You don’t need a complete bathroom remodel. All it takes is a clever design and décor inspiration to make this small bathroom something to talk about.

Unique Powder Room Sink

Be Bold

Just because powder rooms tend to be small doesn’t mean the colors have to be bland. In fact, it’s a great place to play around with bold colors and patterns you may not enjoy in larger rooms of the home. For a romantic feel, try painting the walls deep purples or reds with gold accents. Or, if you’re looking for something more modern, a bright pink or green with white accents. If you want to get a little creative, try a fun pattern wallpaper that matches your style. The key is to avoid too many accessories, as the walls will speak for themselves when it comes to your bathroom décor.

Not ready to go all in with a bold color or design? Try incorporating an accent wall to really make your bathroom décor pop!

Update Your Bathroom

Sometimes, the simplest change can make a big difference. Take a look at your current faucet and toilet. Are they a bit old and outdated? Now may be the time to replace your toilet with a new one. New, updated fixtures can add an extra element of style to your powder room without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to save space as well as create a modern looking bathroom, try looking at wall-mounted fixtures. If you’re sticking to a vintage look, keep to a gold and white color palate.

Farmhouse Powder Room Decor

Find A Focal Point

When a guest enters your bathroom, where do you want their eyes to go? Focal points aren’t just for living rooms. Mirrors and vanities work well as focal points for bathrooms if they are decorated correctly. Mirrors can really make a statement if they are uniquely framed or lit. If you plan on adding a DIY frame, choose an interesting wood or paint color that matches the room.

Vanities sometime just need a bit of TLC to become the ideal bathroom piece. Try refreshing the vanity with a new coat of paint. A simple white will do to freshen up the whole room.

If you have wall space, consider including one large picture on the wall that will add to the style of the room.

Natural Design

If you’re looking for a timeless look, there’s nothing better than keeping it simple. But that doesn’t mean your powder room has to be boring. Choose neutral colors, like beige, white or brown to keep the traditional look and incorporate small nature elements where possible. Wood and natural materials make great compliments to neutral-colored bathrooms. Refinishing a wood vanity and frames can really change the look and feel of your small bathroom.

Copper Powder Room Decor

Make the Most of Your Walls

Many times, powder rooms and half bathrooms lack storage, so homeowners must get creative! Use empty wall space for small floating shelves to put any accessories or needed items. Additionally, don’t just use the space above eyelevel, but under it as well. If you have wall space available to the side of the sink or toilet, small cubby shelves double as a stylish addition and hidden toilet paper storage.

If you’re walls aren’t big enough for shelves, try adding hooks to hang hand towels and other decorative items. The hooks are able to fit on any sized wall and are a welcomed space-saving addition to a small bathroom.

Decorate Your Countertops

Fresh Flowers

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As a homeowner, some of my favorite little touches to add in my powder room are fresh flowers. This adds a personal touch that brings life to the room and makes your guest feel more welcomed. In a vintage, rustic bathroom, it can be as simple as cutting a single flower from the garden and putting in a mason jar as the vase. If you have a more elaborate, detailed bathroom, try for bold flowers that really make a statement and a white- or black-colored vase.

Accessorize When Possible

If your bathroom is bold and bright or traditional and neutral, the bathroom accessories you choose can really set the tone for the powder room’s décor. Consider the soap dispenser, towel rack and other needed bathroom accessories. Powder rooms often do not have enough space for additional items, so put careful thought into what you’re placing on surfaces and where. A beautiful powder room can quickly become cluttered and uncomfortable if too many accessories are used. A simple candle or interesting decorative element can make a statement in your powder room.

Consider Using Accessories

Add A Welcoming Touch

Go above and beyond for your guests by thinking about other items they might need in the bathroom. Set a small basket out with small lotions, hair spray, tissues and Q-tips. Add a scented candle that compliments your bathroom’s décor. Visitors will leave your home feeling like they were truly a special guest.


The powder room should not be forgotten when it comes to décor and design. With a few simple upgrades and additions, you can be a great host for anyone who enters your home.

Looking to add a powder room to your home? Call a pro and get started on your half bathroom remodel today.

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