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Remodel Your Guest Bathroom For Fall Without Breaking The Bank

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By on Oct 13, 2014
Remodel Your Guest Bathroom For Fall Without Breaking The Bank

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Summer has come to the end. With the arrival of the crisp fall weather and harvest season, it's time to shift from outdoor BBQ to indoor feasts. To give guests a festive and inviting feel, most would like to bring the warm colors of fall into the home.

When decorating your home for fall, don’t overlook your guest bathroom. After all, this bathroom is probably the second place your guests will visit during their visit. As a thoughtful host, you want your guests to always feel welcomed and entertained, even when they’re in the bathroom.

Therefore, make sure you remodel your guest bathroom for fall before your first visitor comes knocking.

Choose A Color Palette that Reflects Fall

Fall Bathroom-Color

Incorporating colors of the changing leaves into the guest bathroom is the easiest way to make the space feel like fall. However, autumn leaves come in a variety of colors. Oftentimes, guest bathrooms are the smallest room in a house. Hence, if you don’t know how to coordinate these colors, your guest bathroom may appear cramped. 

Don’t fret. When it comes to matching colors, there’s an easy rule to live by. Just pick a color scheme that can reflect the season and run with it, from your walls to accents.

The most popular fall colors for home décor are burnt orange, burgundy red and earthy tones. If you want your guest bathroom to appear festive, then burnt orange is it. Looking for a luxurious look? The rich hues of burgundy will meet your needs. Earthy tones, on the other hand, will add a beautiful calm to your space. Compared to orange and red, neutral earthy tones will make it easy to coordinate with your adjoining rooms, not to mention they are one of the most popular paint colors of the year.

Swap Out Summer Linens for Cozy Fall Fabrics

Fall Bathroom-Linen

No matter which color palette you finally go with, remember to choose one or two major hues and use them in your linens. You might want to avoid lighter colors, since light colored linens, such as mint green towels, could remind your guests of summer, making them feel cold. In contrast, go with warm colors like rusty orange or ruby red. I'm sure they would be a better fit for this chilly season. 

In addition to colors, consider hand towels made with thicker fibers. I highly recommend Turkish cotton towels. Its softness and density will help warm your guests’ hands.  

Bring the Outdoors In

Fall Bathroom- Natural Décor

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Fall is all about celebrating the beauty of the outdoors. Thus, instead of decorating with plastic leaves or pumpkins, why not just bring the outdoors inside? Dried flowers, pumpkins and pinecones, for example, are natural items that can add seasonal interest to your guest bathroom. Additionally, natural décor is usually less expensive. Most homeowners can even find free organic elements from their own yard.

Another way to bring naturals inside is to use a wood tissue holder, soap and lotion dispensers. Unlike ceramic, wood accessories will not only blend nicely with other vibrant fall decorations, but also give your room a lot of warmth. 

Give Your Bathroom An Instant Fall Look with Wall Art

Fall Bathroom-Wall Art

It's true that painting walls with trending fall colors can immediately add fall flair into a guest bathroom. Yet, a fall-themed bathroom is only for the harvest season, usually ending right after Thanksgiving. Additionally, given that the average interior painting cost is $1,655, most would rather stay away from it.   

In fact, by hanging a few pieces of wall art featuring the fall scenery, you can create an instant fall look for your guest bathroom. After fall is over, just take them down and replace with pictures of snowy trees and mountains. This is definitely an affordable way to decorate your bathroom for fall, as you can reuse those paintings year after year.

Want to entertain your guests? Consider hanging some vintage photos of your family. The yellow tint in vintage photos will be a good complement to a fall-themed bathroom.

Spice Up Your Bathroom by Using Scented Candles

Fall Bathroom-Scented Candles

One of the best aspects of the fall season is the enticing smell of apple ciders, pumpkin pies and cinnamon sticks. Don’t assume these delicious smells only belong in the kitchen. Many candle manufactures are offering autumn harvest-scented candles encased in beautiful mason jars. You can simply display the candles on your bathroom counter to surprise your guests. They will love the nice fragrance, as well as the warm ambiance.

Keep Feet Warm

Fall Bathroom- Rug

Having a cold bathroom floor will certainly disappoint your guests, especially when the temperature drops. As a result, don’t forget to warm up your bathroom floor before your guests arrive. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can just place a washable area rug on the floor. According to SFGate, an area rug can not only keep feet warmer, but also give your room a bit of extra insulation. In general, a bathroom area rug won’t cost more than $150.

Another expensive (but more effective) way is to install a radiant heat system beneath your existing floors. The national average cost is $4,112. However, since a guest bathroom is usually smaller than a standard sized bathroom, you may want to contact your local contractors for specific cost estimates.


Creating a fall-themed guest bathroom is indeed inexpensive and easy compared to major bathroom renovations. All you have to do is take a trip to your local department store and spend a few hours on decorating. With just a weekend’s effort, you can impress your visitors for months to come.

Have you remodeled your guest bathroom this fall? Share your fall bathroom remodeling stories and photos in the comments section below. We love to see awesome projects from our fans.

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