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Roofing Tips: Drip Edges Are Essential

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By on Aug 24, 2020
Roofing Tips: Drip Edges Are Essential

Editor's Note: Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home. It has more parts than you think that keep it working properly. It's important to know at least a little about what a roof drip edge is and roof drip edge types there are. However, a hot topic for roofing pros is the importance of roof drip edge for its customers. Back by popular demand, here are some tips on your roof drip edge.

Of the hundreds of shingle roofs put on each day, how many are put on with metal drip edges? Almost all shingle roof manufacturers show it on their installation instructions and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association "Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual" shows it in its recommended application procedures. The International One-and-Two-Family Dwelling Code's Chapter 9, "Roof Coverings," states that "Asphalt shingles shall be applied according to the manufacturer's printed instructions…"

As you can see already, a drip edge is essential. Therefore, if you don't have a drip edge, perhaps it's time to talk to a local roofer.

Roof Drip Edge

So why do so few residential shingle roof installations lack metal drip edges? For one reason, the metal edging is the first item to get omitted from a bid whenever a price is given to install a shingle roof, whether on a new roofing project or a reroof. Unless the specifications or the scope of work expressly calls it out, this item will be omitted in both the submittals and the installation. Even if a drip edge is called for, are such particulars as the type of metal, the gauge, and the dimensions ever given? Or is a thin aluminum drip strip from the local home center adequate?

One "old timer" actually tried to justify the absence of drip edge material on a project by saying that he had been putting on shingles for almost 15 years and did not think the drip edge was necessary-whether it was called for or not. His mindset was that if you extend the shingles far enough over the edge of the deck into the gutters, you shouldn't need any edge metal.

Most Critical Drip Edge Location

Obviously, the most critical location for drip metal is precisely at the site of the majority of drips, the eaves! Rake edges should also get metal edging, but it is just not as critical. And the installation sequence of the edge metal with the felt underlayment is optional in most manufacturers' printed instructions. You can install the felt either on top of or below the edge metal. And since water travels somewhat parallel to the rakes, this does minimize the need for coverage.

However, the edge receiving the most water on a steep-sloped roof needs the best protection affordable. If the shingles extended more than 3/4 to1-inch over the edge, they tend to bend, eventually fracturing along the edge of the roof deck below. If the metal edging is left off, this decreases the chance for all of the water cascading over the eaves to make it into the gutters, if indeed there are any. Otherwise, shingles breaking along the line of the roof deck allow the possibility of water getting into the substrate by turning back up under the bottom of the shingle. The harmful effects of this condition are exacerbated when the underlayment is not fully extending over the edge and/or if the fascia board is not flush with the lower edge of the wood roof deck.

Many times the roof deck is installed early on in the project and covered with felt in order to dry the house in and speed up the interior work below. Roofers will hurriedly run a cutter along the edge of the wood deck, but rarely do it in a straight line. This leaves the edge of the felt somewhat short of the edge, thereby failing to overhang the roof deck. It only gets worse when the (usually 3/4-1" thick) fascia board is added later when the finish work is being done. This makes the felt edge that much farther from the true drip edge.

Installing Drip Edge

Now that you know where to install a roof drip edge, you can install. To see how the pros install, please watch the video below:

Water Under Shingles is Damaging

If water now gets under the shingles, it can cause short-term staining and long-term deterioration of the lowest edge of the roof deck and along the top of the fascia board. The prolonged existence of this condition can also affect the ends of the roof joists or trusses used to attach the fascia board.

This should point out to builders to specify, install, and insist on adequate metal drip edge to give residential clients the most value for a relatively low-cost item. It is ironic that contractors who leave out the metal drip edge in an effort to save money lessen the long-term value of a home. It is an issue whose absence and significant side effects may take years to discover. But, in all fairness to the consumer, it is an item that should be included to prove a quality installation.


As you can see, roof edges are essential. Follow these tips to make sure yours is in the best shape.

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