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  • Tips For Attic Fan Installation

    You may not spend much time thinking about attic ventilation, but if you own your own home, you owe it to yourself to give the subject serious thought.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Mar 20, 2014
  • How To Clean Your Gutters

    Now firmly into the fall season, a homeowner chore you can’t ignore is gutter cleaning. Whether you see it or not, leaves and dirt are starting to pile up and failing to remove these natural elements can ruin your home’s foundation, damage your roof or even cause a leak in your home.

    By Jacob Hurwith Nov 4, 2013
  • Roofing Tips: Roof Insulation

    Insulation is part of the whole roof system and designed to prevent both cold and heat from entering the house.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • Roof Flashing Types: Copper, Aluminum, Metal & More

    Flashing is used to prevent water from working under the roofing material in specific areas, such as valleys, around chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, and where roof planes change.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • How to Measure Roof Pitch

    Finding out what the size of your roof is starts out with finding the roof pitch. "Pitch" refers to a roof’s incline.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • Metal Roofs Vs. Composition Shingle Roofs

    When deciding what kind of roof to install on your home, two popular kinds people usually come down to are metal roofs or composition shingles.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • Roofing Tips: Roof Maintenance & Care

    Once you have the roof that you want it is important to maintain your investment. No matter what type of roof you have, the key to the longevity relies on maintenance and care.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 4, 2013
  • Roofing Tips: Roof Slope & Style

    If you've noticed water collecting on your roof, the problem is probably with the slope. As well as determining drainage, slope also affects style.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 4, 2013
  • Types of Roof Gutters

    Gutters are designed to collect water running off the roof and direct it away from the house's foundation.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 3, 2013