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Smart Technology For Your HVAC

By on Feb 16, 2017
Smart Technology For Your HVAC

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Smart technology for the home has everyone talking. Homeowners have more control now than ever over the systems and features in their home. These technologies can be incorporated in almost every aspect of the home. From ensuring the garage door is shut while you’re away, to dimming the lights without ever touching the switch, technology is changing the way we live.

A bit less glamorous, but certainly helpful, is smart technology for your HVAC. The latest advancements allow HVAC systems to adapt to your lifestyles. See a few ideas you may be able to incorporate into your home for a more efficient lifestyle.

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Replace Your HVAC Unit

Replace Your Outdated Equipment

Before you add any of the latest technologies, the best way to ensure you have the latest in your  home is by upgrading your HVAC systems. Furnaces last on average between 15 to 20 years, while air conditioning units are a bit less, between 10 to 15 years. Typically, after 10 years, the unit will not run as well. The latest advancements in furnaces and air conditioners can change the way your family stays comfortable. What was new 15 years ago is now outdated. It’s time to replace your equipment.

The average cost to install an AC unit is $4,809 while the average cost to install a furnace is $3,849.

Energy Saving

The latest in HVAC technology has eco-friendly features that are bound to save you money without risking everyday comforts. According to Energy Star, homeowners can save up to $115 annually. Look for products with the Energy Star label so you can be sure it meets efficiency standards.

Solar Power

By harnessing the power of the sun, you can cut down even more on energy bills. Solar power capable HVAC units are an eco-friendly way to make your home more comfortable. Depending on the area you live in, it may entitle you to certain tax rebates. Lennox makes a unit that utilizes solar energy for the AC and heat pump. Leftover energy is used to power other appliances.


The older an HVAC unit gets, the louder it can become. Bring peace and quiet into your home with a noise reducing HVAC system. Outside of a new unit, duct wrap innovations allow homeowners an additional option for soundproofing.

Nest Thermostat In Room

Smart Thermostats

In the latest wave of HVAC technology, smart thermostats are hot. Not only do they help you save on energy costs, but they are easy to control from anywhere you are. Here are two popular options:


Don’t you wish you could come home at night to a home set at just the right temperature? Now you can! The Nest smart thermostat system is a sleek dial that you can control from wherever you are, right from your smartphone or tablet. It also learns your day-to-day habits by sensing movement in the home. Because it knows when you’re home and when you’re away, it can easily keep temperatures low when you’re not using it, resulting in a lower energy bill as well!


If you desire total room control, the Ecovent System provides the features needed to do so right from your mobile device. While this doesn’t replace your current thermostat completely, it allows you to change the temperature per room by opening and closing vents. Each room gets a sensor that plugs into a standard outlet to monitor temperature and humidity.

Dyson Air Purifyer

Air Purifiers

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For families that suffer from allergies, indoor air pollutants are a big concern. These invisible particles can travel with a little help from your HVAC system. Homeowners are doing more to keep the air in their homes clean, like investing in air purifiers. Gone are the days with big, bulky machines. Now, air purifiers come in a variety of sleek designs that blend into your room’s décor.

Additionally, brands like Dyson, have incorporated smartphone technology into their products, so you can visually see your indoor air quality as well as temperature and humidity,

Smart Air Vents

Even the smallest details of your home can be transformed for the modern day. Smart vents control the temperature in rooms that are typically too hot or too cold. Keen Home air vents connects with the Nest to help control airflow. It also integrates air purification technology that clips on to your new vent, allowing germs and pollutants to get trapped at the source.


The technology in HVAC is rapidly changing. New innovations are developed to make homeowners more comfortable and more in control of the temperature in their home. Additionally, the hottest items now are energy-saving, which means more ROI. Try integrating these new technologies in your home and see the difference.

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